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    Hi, i try to update from imscp1.5.1 to 1.5.3 and get the following error on running perl autoinstaller -d:

    1. [ERROR] autoinstaller::Adapter::DebianAdapter::_processAptRepositories: gpg: keyserver receive failed: Invalid argument
    2. [ERROR] autoinstaller::Functions::build: An error occurred while performing build steps

    How can i solve this problem on Ubuntu 18.04? Thx!


    my server has latest i-mscp with php-fpm pool per site configuration.

    I am tryin to get my php "kind-a" asynchronous by using php exec('bash -c "exec php index.php" > /dev/null 2>&1 &')

    I am using successfully php apc cache but the cache of php-pool is obviously not shared with cache of above executed cli command. Is there any possibility to execute a php script with exec() IN the php-fpm pool from which the script is called by exec()?
    An option like exec('bash -c "exec php-fpm --pool=domain.tlp index.php" > /dev/null 2>&1 &')

    Thx for your help.


    Ubuntu 14.04, I-MSCP 1.2.0

    since update to 1.2.0 i experience the following behaviour: Unknown vhosts but set the server's IP as A-Record in DNS will be forwarded to the first vhost on server. ( has DNS A-Record ip but does not exist as an vhost(customer), you are being redirected to first vhost of server (example a-first-domain.tld).
    But strangest thing is: no logentries are done about this access/error.

    It may not be a bug but with the panel moved to port 8080 this occures now on my setup and i am trying to get rid of it.


    hi thx for your answer, but actually i am not looking for help how to migrate, but i need help how to uninstall an missconfigured imscp, and i guess that IS kind of support you wanna give?

    dont get me wrong, i am very glad that you are developing i-mscp and i will donate in near future if my system is all stable up and running, but in fact this is a software which cant be uninstalled after an autoinstall i am gettin a lil bit nervous...

    if it is not fixable with the auto-uninstaller i would like to purge it manually:
    is there a list which contains all i-mscp files to delete manuallly to purge i-mscp? (like an index..)
    i tried the git repo, but its only the source and does not contain all information where i-mscp stores all its data.

    known directories:

    whats about the daemon?

    i copied imscp from one server to another, copied /etc/imscp, /var/www/virtual, /var/mail/virtual and started autoinstaller. first it worked but the changed IP in imscp.conf was not used for the other software like roundcubemail etc, so the whole install is broken now.

    first setup run was perfect but configs of addons/tools etc were NOT changed to new IP and hostname. so i tried to rerun setup, which ends suddenly like this:
    [error] Modules::Domain::loadData: Domain with ID '4' has not been found or is in an inconsistent state

    trying to uninstall there is a inconsistency on sub domains too:
    [error] Modules::Subdomain::loadData: Subdomain with ID '6' has not been found or is in an inconsistent state

    the whole panel is not reachable, also aren't the tools like pma. cli access to mysql only atm... how can this happen with just using the autoinstaller of imscp, no manual edits.

    how to purge a broken imscp installation on a running system ignoring these errors? i just want to purge it, the data is save on another system...

    maybe an howto how to migrate/mirror an existing imscp installation to another server WITH changing parameters like IP hostname etc should be added to the wiki. when i am done, i am willing to write one but first i need to know how to solve this.
    i found a post of an official in the forum who stated "dump "imscp" and user databases, copy /etc/imscp, /var/www/virtual, /var/mail/virtual and run auto-installer script. et voila" - nope, didn't work

    After flushing /var/log/imscp and executing the cmd:

    ls -la /var/log/imscp (a lil bit after the cmd the backup cron ran but the logfile has 0bytes as u see)

    is installed, spamassasin still in progress. seems the plugin is not
    compatible with an ubuntu configured spamassasin.
    but the important
    part: wordpress is still listed as "install in progress". if i click on
    it, an empty popup comes up with ok and cancel:

    still the actions do not take place. is the software repository outdated atm and not supported or is my installation buggy?


    after fixing my setup with help from nuxwin i am getting more troubles. I tried to install some plugins and delete some unneeded stuff like IPs, subdomains, installed software (from rep), but all those deleted/edited entries are "in progress", but nothing ever happens.
    I tried to look into the logfiles all i found was a lot of empty files (cencored):

    debug mode is enabled in imscp.conf
    All the daemon logfiles are empty but the timestamps fit to my working time. There are older daemon errors too which i connect to earlier software installs/deinstall from the repository as i found "woltlab" and "wordpress" still stuck on "in progress" after i thought i deleted them back then.

    in fact it seems the daemon is not working properly. without the logfiles it's very difficult to get any clue where to start digging. indeed i got none...

    i found another hint something is wrong, the software repository version is outdated too, refreshing doesn't change anything.
    Last Web software repository update 2012-06-28 10:17:11

    sorry if i posted in the wrong subforum as i started writing without realizing this could be an older problem never being revealed.

    Hello ;

    Check your /etc/apache2/sites-availables/00_nameserver.conf file, which must contain the NameVirtualHost directives for your IPs (at bottom) such as

    NameVirtualHost IP:80

    i tried it, doesnt work. the server is behind a NAT device (router) and has an internal and external ip. i configured the hostname to be a subdomain of my domain pointing at my external ip address.

    is it really
    NameVirtualHost externalIP:80
    NameVirtualHost externalIP:443

    or as it was when i started editing
    NameVirtualHost internalIP:80
    NameVirtualHost internalIP:443

    The Virtual Hosts are listening to the internal IP address as well.
    I have teamviewer if u wanna have a look

    as i said, all other sites are ok, just the panel. why should it be the nameserver config to solve that issue?