i-MSCP next release 2022

  • I'm waiting too and also made a gift to support the project.

    Debian 9 is getting a bit old now.

    He asked people to donate, as such I did.

    Yet no information on anything, not even if enough people donated.

  • Well, people are slowly moving away this place and the project, and barely a few people believes that anything good would happen within this project.

    Maybe if anything will be shown to people, they might be prepared that something nice will show, but as for now, sadly, nothing more than next promises had happened.

    I'm afraid that we are waiting for something that wouldn't happen ever. I'm also considering switching to something else, as I'm slowly stopping to believe that it would move forward.

  • I'am waiting hopefully, too with my ubuntu 18 and

    i-MSCP 1.5.3

    Build: 2018120800

    for any updates.

    for some time ago i bought also the lets encrypt i-mscp plugin, which for long time until now doesen't work, too. It would be nice, when i can update my server and i-mscp for avoid security attacks or something like that...

    I think the community would spend some money to support a new i-mscp update, if there would exist a money pool, croudfounding or something else.

  • The money pool existed and there was quite a bit of money in it, many people donated, including me, we never heard what happened to the money, no statement from Nuxwin, no refund, nothing. He seems to be more into taking than giving these days, his prior work aside, the money pool was for work since 2018 and during this time, not much happened, sadly. The worst thing is the lack of clear communication though, people could arrange if they would get any replies and see some activity I think, but like this, he is just killing the whole project. It is very sad to throw all this away, so many hours of work on many sides.

  • I'm also hopefully waiting for an update but for now i have the feeling I have to hack around myself to get the latest i-mscp running on debian 11.

    If I'm doing so, I will let you know here and share the results