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    Me too. It's a great piece of software with exceptional good support.

    i-MSCP is dead, outdated and basically a piece of crap these days.

    Sorry, the developper asked money, I paid (as did many) and he took it and ran....nothing delivered.

    Why bother?

    It's outdated, missing many options and support is none exsistant.

    I have run this panel for years, even paid to keep it alive, just to find out that the developper is giving us the finger.

    Moved over to KeyHelp, it's by far a better panel, free of charge and has more features.

    Also the support in their forum is excellent.

    i-MSCP is dead and has been for years.

    I'm waiting too and also made a gift to support the project.

    Debian 9 is getting a bit old now.

    He asked people to donate, as such I did.

    Yet no information on anything, not even if enough people donated.