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    The money pool existed and there was quite a bit of money in it, many people donated, including me, we never heard what happened to the money, no statement from Nuxwin, no refund, nothing. He seems to be more into taking than giving these days, his prior work aside, the money pool was for work since 2018 and during this time, not much happened, sadly. The worst thing is the lack of clear communication though, people could arrange if they would get any replies and see some activity I think, but like this, he is just killing the whole project. It is very sad to throw all this away, so many hours of work on many sides.

    If only you were able to read clearly, Paypal never state it was meant to be refunded at any time !

    So, all donation went to the "pool creator", not refunded.

    The fact that the goal placed on it wasn't achieve didn't mean that a refund will or should occur !

    You are right, my mistake on that part, I remembered that Paypal stated that the money will be transfered back to the people who participated in the money pool if the creator is not claiming it in the deadline, apperently not, no sense for the deadline then actually, so it just went to nuxwin directly. Still he could communicate what he is going to do or what he did with the donations. Intransparent communication is always leading to discontent.

    Please, Kess, this is not about the money, this is about trust and honesty. If this was about the money he should have just make everything with a subscirption, many many people, me included, would have been happy to pay for this, more than we already paid for plugins etc., 2000€ donations more or less will not change anything.
    Then my previous post about this topic just got deleted without any notice about it, censoring this forum, that is just weak.
    I am just really disappointed in nuxwin as a human being by how he is not keeping up communication nor keeping his words.
    And just deleting posts that are maybe critical, well, that reveals a lot.

    So my previous post here was deleted?

    What happened to the Paypal Money Nuxwin ?
    Me and several other donators did not get a refund so far.
    You said Paypal closed this service and not you?
    If Paypal closed it, they said in their official statement, that it will be refunded to everybody who put money into the moneypool.

    It's the rules : Reporting rules - Reminder

    2016 called and wants its rules back, it is a joke, Athar, honestly, read the first rule, click the link and have a good laugh.
    Instead of constantly persisting on some antiquated rules it would be very appreciated just to help solving the issues of the few still visiting people here.
    I would understand your acting if we had an overcrowded forum with people double tripple spamming all the same questions everywhere, but look around, it is just us and no one else and it doesn't look like the community is growing back, so let's stick together and try to help each other.


    I would like to change the standard Server Default Page, which looks like this:


    I found another thread regarding this topic which is already closed: Server default page




    are the directories where content for this seems to be stored, in both there is the "inc" folder with the CSS files and the index.html.

    If I want to change it, can I just replace it? If yes, should I replace both paths or just one?

    What I don't understand about this from the linked thread, is: "than reupload the new version (remove the old plugins version and upload the new one). So the rights will also be correct.."
    What should I do according to this and why?

    Thank you for your help!

    I didn't removed it. Paypal stopped this feature.

    The rewrite is still in progress.

    They stopped the feature yesterday?
    Cause it was working fine two days ago and now the project is gone?

    I did a quick search, they actually did end it this october and the money will now be transfered back to everybody


    Noch bis zum 8. November haben Moneypool-Initiatoren die Möglichkeit, übriges Geld aus den Sammeltöpfen zu ihrem Paypal-Guthaben hinzuzufügen. Ansonsten überweist Paypal die Beträge bis zum 15. November automatisch zurück.