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    Maybe this link will help you AlexSwamp

    it would be interesting whats in your error log file.

    another often failure point are file permissions - have you checked them for roundcube?

    this tip will not help you with roundcube but may give you a working webmailer. Switch to rainloop mail - I did it because it's for me the better choice and updating the version which came with imscp is pretty easy and straight forward to the rainloop documentation.

    Glad you opened this thread with that question - i also was wondering which to use - the "latest" stable release or the imscp-maintenance branch from github.

    I tried an upgrade from 1.5.3 to maintenance branch on a test system which failed greatly.. only way to get back to a working system was apply the latest database backup and run the 1.5.3 autoinstaller. (btw props fpr the autoinstaller - it self healed everything after this f*up)

    I ended up with backporting some of the stuff from the maintenance branch to 1.5.3 for my environment as i needed some newer php and some of the TLS fixes.

    And good news that Nuxwin wrote few weeks ago that a new release is in the pipeline! If you are looking for a tester, i'm willed to be one as my imscp "production" instance is just for me, friends and family :)