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    I advise against this plugin who I can. Not only does it build the false impression that the site is secure, it also often creates additional security risks.

    In practice, situations such as those described by the author of the topic may result from outdated or abandoned plugins or the entire Wordpress installation. Usually in this case you need to virus the whole installation and remove excess files, but in practice I recommend doing it this way:

    1. Save the wp-config.php file and the wp-content folder, delete the rest

    2. Review manually all folders and files that we saved in the first step, you can suggest dates of modification of files or unusual names

    3. Download the latest wordpress and unpack in the pages folder, supplement with previously saved wp-config.php and wp-content


    When trying to compile any php version on PhpSwitcher 5.0.2 on newest i-MSCP version installed within Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04, I'm getting this kind of error:

    When I'm trying to install with --no-chroot:

    1. [INFO] Executing the clean, install MAKE(1) target(s) for PHP 7.2.23...
    2. make: Entering directory '/usr/local/src/phpswitcher/php-7.2.23'
    3. make: Leaving directory '/usr/local/src/phpswitcher/php-7.2.23'
    4. [ERROR] main: An error occurred while executing MAKE(1) target(s) for PHP 7.2.23: make: Makefile: No such file or directory
    5. make: *** No rule to make target 'Makefile'. Stop.

    Those errors happens regardless of php version I'm trying to install.

    What can be significant, both of installations where I've tried to run that, are proxmox hosted containers.

    Can we do anything to pass that errors?

    Considering the fact that this layout probably never arises, I would like to ask if there is any instruction or recommendation to create your own layouts? I will have some time soon, I might try to create something. Perhaps it will not be a visual peak, but maybe it will breathe some freshness into the panel ;)

    so then apache not possible?

    I do not see otherwise conf like this file it apache in a portfolio:


    PMA does not work on apache, so you can not assume the ability to configure anything related to PMA basing on Apache.

    The only option to configure PMA password in i-MSCP installation has been presented to you above.

    Another option is to run PMA by itself on any address (eg subdomain), but then it is an instance independent of i-MSCP. You can secure it by apache password or whatever you want.


    On my servers, I have one client who has almost 1TB of things on his account, and it is located on standalone i-MSCP instance on dedicated server which is running on LXC. I do not care about size of his services, because it is limited by total size of container size.

    Can I disable somehow daily calculation of account size? I don't really care about it, but this is doing things on server every night, which is automatically making my server less responsible, while it is on HDD.

    Thank you!


    It would be great if we would have upgrade to RoundCube 1.3.x or even 1.4.x once released. It will contain pretty new responsive interface, which would be nice to have on newer i-MSCP versions. I could update it manually, but I'm not sure if things like password changer would work in new version of Roundcube


    Well, I know this tool and I know how it should work. But you still don't understand what is problem here.

    When my user on my server send mail, and it's spam scoring is between 5 and the value set in spamassassin reject option, mail is set as spam by my server and is sent to external servers with changed title and with spamassassin explanation in mail body. It should not work like that.

    Okay @Nuxwin I think I've discovered a bug.

    If reject_spam option in plugin prefs is set for example to 10, mails with spam scoring between 5 and 10 are considered as spam - both incoming and outgoing mails. I think that if there is such setting, it should not send mails from my server, which are flagged as spam.

    I think it is not normal that my filter on my server is sending mails to external hosts which are flagged as spam by my server.