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    Normally this can only be implemented by the provider of the IP address of your server.... maybe they have a control panel where you can set the hostname for a certain IP address...


    Well, Nuxwin, not every forum member read your post on facebook.

    And with your absence of communication in the last year(s) it's no suprise that the project is called dead....

    Now it's really time to deliver, open the development and tell, what's going on.


    Hi Patricio

    this function has been removed (was in the 20181208-release but removed later). Now there is a new function called getWebmailClientPackages() - I did not test, if this is a good replacement here I don't know (didn't test) - but feel free to check it.

    I think its in the file gui/plugins/RoundcubePlugins/RoundcubePlugins.php:

    if (isset($config['WEB_MAIL_CLIENT_PACKAGES']) && !in_array('Roundcube', getWebmailList())) {

    Maybe it should look like this

    .... if (!in_array('Roundcube', getWebmailClientPackages())) {

    But take care: if you use the "new" maintenance-github version (from me or from nuxwin) then you should be aware that most of the plugins do make problems. You may be able to fix them....



    Thanx DeltaLima

    All theese points need to be included in the setup/upgrade script... I'll rather focus on the "new installation" part (since my own installation is that old that I move all the customers manually to a new host)... I hope I'll find some time... after a longer period of absence...


    I can confirm this.

    I don't know why (it's not a method/function) but it works :-))

    Maybe I find the reason - but I'll note it in the Diff-List for the paid plugins....


    Ich hab hier ein bash-Fragment, mit dem du all DBs sichern kannst.

    Das ist schon recht alt - heute gibt s sicher noch mehr DBs, die mit geeigneten Parametern spezill gesichert werden können (--events, --routines, --skip-lock-tables etc)

    Aber sicher mal ein Start, um drauf aufzubauen und mit deinem Ansatz kombinieren...


    for debian 9 the php packages from have been removed as per end of june - as stated above.

    Maybe (for special situations) the packages from tdrnetworks (made for devuan) may be of help - they are still online (for devuan ascii which is the systemd-less variant of debian 9... ascii main

    But there is no apcu_bc package... but the panel works without this module...

    But I didn't test, if this works as a replacement...