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    I'd comment out the database migration - as you stated this may be very complicated and should not keep the feature unfinished.

    Moving the alias with all web-data and mail accounts is not to difficult in i-MSCP but manually a big deal - moving the database can be done manually...

    The first (Dom-Alias to new account) is more important - but also the second one can be interesting...

    Otherwise there is the manual way...

    Maybe it's too hard to move also the databases... they are not connected to a certain subdomain/alias or whatever. And the db prefix changes when moving to another (a news) client account.... this is to complex to have it done automatically.


    postgrey prevents postfix from accepting a mail "on the first try" (reject with "temporary error"). If the mail is sent a second time, it's accepted. There are only problems if the sending server is always a different one.

    spamassassin on the other hand has a look at the mail which was accepted and is being delivered to the mailbox - it writes the spam points in the mail header (and maybe adds the original mail to a spam report) but the mail is delivered to the inbox. If the user has some filter rules which moves the "***SPAM***" Mails to another folder... then it should be there.

    So - theese two components do not definitively reject mails. It's possible that the mail cannot be accepted because every time the mail arrives, it comes from a different server -> should be go back to sender after 4 or 5 days.

    If the mail has been accepted then it's somewhere in the maildir of the customer.

    More infos might be available when having a look in the mail.log - but one should know when/from where etc theese "certain mails" are....

    Hope this helps


    Hi Nuxwin

    I just tried the mailman-plugin 0.0.3 and would like to give my feedback:

    - it's only available in the *paid* plugin list - but there is no button to pay for this plugin...
    - after installing the plugin - the has wrong permissions/group so that postfix is not working as expected (event if the mails from mailman were sent).

    after plugin-installation:

    -rw-r----- 1 root imscp 3379 Jun 2 11:27

    but it should be:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3379 Jun 2 11:27



    version 1.1.21 on wheezy

    I have PHP_FPM_POOLS_LEVEL=per_domain, so every domain and domain-alias has it's own php.ini (pool.conf)...

    I enabled the php-setting-editor for the customer so he can enable/disable "exec".
    He can do this in "domains -> php settings" (client/phpini.php) but it only changes the according entry in the domain-pool.conf.

    The pool.conf for the Alias-domain stays the same.
    So I miss the php-setting-editor for every Domain-alias...

    Otherwise I can switch back to PHP_FPM_POOLS_LEVEL=per_user, can't I?


    Maybe another mail would be not bad - so people feel better...
    at least no more info would be more bad than another mail... :-/

    For now it looks like a quick-quick action.... (the mail, not the domain...)... and if people look on the website, they only find some few info here in the forum.

    Just my 2 cent... (I know, I was away some time...)