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    I updated my branch so the installation also runs on Devuan 2, 3 and 4 (ascii, beowulf and chimaera). The php versions are not changed (ascii+stretch <= php 7.4, the others including also php 8.0).

    Important: the installer changes some code in the install folder if needed... not very elegant but at the moment the only way to deal with the changes in the versions...

    Still not ok: installing roundcube.

    I always use a second SSH login to change the file


    as soon as it's downloaded (after entering IP/password and mail address it starts)

    Change line 128: add a "-L " after the first %s - so it looks like this:

    1. exec(sprintf('%s -L -s %s -o %s', $CURL, escapeshellarg($package['url']), $cache_file), $out, $retval);

    on my vm I have enough time to do this... then the installation finishes smoothly.

    I think it's time to add newer PHP versions to the 6 distributions.

    If someone is here doing the job for ubuntu (xenial?, bionic, focal, and maybe already jammy)... pleas go ahead!

    cheers J


    Update: now also PHP 8.1 is included in the Debian/Devuan package lists.


    The problem with the codemirror-download is that we cannot influence anything with the imscp-packet. During installation the roundcube packet is downloaded from and there the commands are stored for getting codemirror.

    I created a pull request there to address this problem (just tell curl to follow any http redirect).

    I hope nuxwin will take notice of the problem - he wasn't here since may 10th....


    Upd: I didn't try the following - but this could work:

    create a curl config file /root/.curlrc with at least the line

    1. location

    in it... maybe someone can check this?

    2nd update: this ^^^ doesn't seem to work... :-(

    Something about the wrong sha1sum of

    It seems that the donload/fetching using curl leads to a "301 Moved Permanently" (which is stored in the zip file...).

    Try this:
    rm /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/roundcube/roundcubemail/temp/js_cache/

    and fetch the file again with wget and put it in the location above...


    mv /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/roundcube/roundcubemail/temp/js_cache/

    chown vu2000:vu2000 /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/roundcube/roundcubemail/temp/js_cache/

    and then rerun the installer...


    ok - as soon as plugins are involved we're on "thin ice" :-) When I try to install the last phpswitcher-plugin I get errors... have to dig around...

    Update: Plugin-Upload in tar-format had error, is fixed now. But take care: the filename should only contain the plugin name (and not pluginname_version.tar.gz - I think we should fix this too... but later...)

    In PhpSwitcher (5.0.5) there seems to be an error with the os determination (ubuntu, debian or whatever) for the required keyring package... when commenting this block in backend/ (line 1005 - 1013) it's installable... (I still have to check if it's working as expected).

    2nd update: the PhpSwitcher Plugin works as expected - at least with the php versions that were installed by the imscp-installer (5.6 - 8.0).

    Good morning

    I couldn't reproduce any of theese errors during installation. I have VMs with Debian 9.13, 10.10 and 11.3 - always only "SSH" and "basic tools" packages checked during install...

    I can call the roundcube, rainloop and pma site on all 3 installations.

    But there are no plugins installed (yet)...

    How do you "install with Roundcube" oder "install without Roundcube" - when I run

    1. # cd ~/_download/imscp-1.5.3-maintenance-joxi
    2. # imscp-autoinstall

    (without parameters) - Roundcube (and Rainloop etc) is automatically installed...