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    Thanx DeltaLima

    All theese points need to be included in the setup/upgrade script... I'll rather focus on the "new installation" part (since my own installation is that old that I move all the customers manually to a new host)... I hope I'll find some time... after a longer period of absence...


    I can confirm this.

    I don't know why (it's not a method/function) but it works :-))

    Maybe I find the reason - but I'll note it in the Diff-List for the paid plugins....


    Ich hab hier ein bash-Fragment, mit dem du all DBs sichern kannst.

    Das ist schon recht alt - heute gibt s sicher noch mehr DBs, die mit geeigneten Parametern spezill gesichert werden können (--events, --routines, --skip-lock-tables etc)

    Aber sicher mal ein Start, um drauf aufzubauen und mit deinem Ansatz kombinieren...


    for debian 9 the php packages from have been removed as per end of june - as stated above.

    Maybe (for special situations) the packages from tdrnetworks (made for devuan) may be of help - they are still online (for devuan ascii which is the systemd-less variant of debian 9... ascii main

    But there is no apcu_bc package... but the panel works without this module...

    But I didn't test, if this works as a replacement...

    hempelr - it's ok to post his own opinion in the forum... normally once and in one thread... - but posting more or less the same in several threads in the same time... doesn't help anyone.

    "Bas" is a member in this forum since end of 2020 and had his first post in February this year end with "... no problems" - I think it's allowed to tell him to stop spamming... - btw. I think Athar meant his own ban (not a global one).

    So - still far away from what you think :-)

    Just to complete this thread - Delta04 already knows:

    it seems you have to alter your DB - execute this query in the db (cli, phpmyadmin or whatever) - if you have default names it should be this: