Have new version imscp?

  • Pardon my English...
    We all know that the project is currently at a standstill, more than we all wished for.

    But with the few changes made by some users, to whom we have to thank all their interest and help, and a little bit of management as you can see

    ... and a little bit of administration, everything can be updated without much trouble.

    .. At the moment I have Debian 10, MariaDB 10.3, all PHP versions, latest versions of Roundcube FTP, Webmail, etc. running without problems.

    I like everybody... I think the current situation is not good, and a different one would be desirable,

    ... but I also look and observe other panels, and I see that we are not so different and not so far apart.

    I just hope and trust that it will not die definitively,




  • Project doesn't look dead, it is just in a coma and nobody knows if he's going to recover. I'm also a bit worried...

  • I've been using a modified 1.5.3 (2018120800) with debian 10 for a while, there is lot of stuff to adapt but it works very well.

    Has anyone already tested i-mscp on debian 11?

  • The project is not dead. Rewrite time. I'll not spend much time to explain why it's so long.