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    Pardon my English...
    We all know that the project is currently at a standstill, more than we all wished for.

    But with the few changes made by some users, to whom we have to thank all their interest and help, and a little bit of management as you can see

    ... and a little bit of administration, everything can be updated without much trouble.

    .. At the moment I have Debian 10, MariaDB 10.3, all PHP versions, latest versions of Roundcube FTP, Webmail, etc. running without problems.

    I like everybody... I think the current situation is not good, and a different one would be desirable,

    ... but I also look and observe other panels, and I see that we are not so different and not so far apart.

    I just hope and trust that it will not die definitively,




    Buenas Victor

    Es mucho mas sencillo que eso ..., en su plan de hosting activas correo externo,

    dentro de dominio en el dns agregar los dns de las entradas dns .. ya sea a google , a goodady, microsoft, yahoo etc.. donde quieras, ya que donde pongas la mx ira el correo.

    Sobre el smart-host, esto es simplemente para enviar tu correos por medio de una cuenta autentificada por la via de otro proveedor como por ejemplo google.

    Esto hace que todos los mails del servidor salgan por ahi, de echo muchos servidoes una, otros mailchannels... etc. hay muchos productos similares para enviar estos correos y usar la reputacion y dar los problemas a ellos .. ¡¡ claro previo previo en funcion de dominio y numero de correos al dia que vas a pasar por su repartidor.



    Good fulltilt,

    I have been testing the script this morning, and I can not get it to work, I have changed some routes ...

    But I have checked and I see that they are all right .., but I get an error when creating the file
    echo $domain >> /var/panel/fpm-db.txt

    awk: fatal: no se puede abrir el fichero `/var/panel/fpm-db.txt' para lectura (No existe el fichero o el directorio)

    I could also see that using the script connection I use MariaDB 10.2


    The system does not connect correctly

    Can you give me some light

    Thanks for everything as always

    # nano /root/
    # chmod +x /root/
    # run /root/ via cron job
    # imscp database details
    # do not change MyHOST variable
    # Servername for email notification
    # mail package need installed (apt-get install mailutils)
    # backup path before files are deleted
    # do not change

    # check connection result
    RCOUNT=$($CONNECT "SELECT COUNT(version_fpm_pool_directory_path) FROM php_switcher_version WHERE version_is_default = 0;" -B --skip-column-names)
    if [ $RCOUNT -gt 0 ]
    # get pathes
    paths=$($CONNECT "SELECT version_fpm_pool_directory_path FROM php_switcher_version WHERE version_is_default = 0;" -B --skip-column-names)

    # get stored config paths from database
    $CONNECT "SELECT e.version_id, e.admin_id, e.domain_name, u.version_fpm_pool_directory_path FROM php_switcher_version_admin AS e, php_switcher_version AS u WHERE e.version_id = u.version_id AND u.$
    data1=$(echo $data | awk '{print $4}')
    data2=$(echo $data | awk '{print $3}')
    echo $domain >> /var/panel/fpm-db.txt

    Translated with (free version)

    Good afternoon fulltilt...

    Excuse my English, I only speak Spanish,

    I have followed your recommendation to incorporate new versions of php.

    It works correctly, it is very comfortable, but I have observed that when we delete a domain this is not deleted from the folder where we have it running.

    Apr 18 10:40:26 coomerc systemd[1]: Starting The PHP 7.4 FastCGI Process Manager...
    Apr 18 10:40:26 coomerc php-fpm7.4[10714]: [18-Apr-2021 10:40:26] ERROR: [pool] cannot get uid for user 'vu2003'
    Apr 18 10:40:26 coomerc php-fpm7.4[10714]: [18-Apr-2021 10:40:26] ERROR: FPM initialization failed
    Apr 18 10:40:26 coomerc systemd[1]: php7.4-fpm.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=78/n/a

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root root 322 Apr 18 07:34 www.conf
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root root 1247 Apr 18 10:23

    Can you give any suggestion to be able to remove to avoid error in php-fpm7.4

    Thanks for everything