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    Just my 2cents...

    Before rewriting it in Vue.js, would it be possible to officially support Debian10 Buster? :)

    The GIT version is working with Buster, but the plugin system didn't finished yet in this version. So if you don't use any plugin then you could use the GIT version.

    I checked this server tonight. The problem was caused by the /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/PhpSwitcher/sql/*

    Maybe there was an sql error when BigBen updated the PhpSwitcher, but lot of sql executed before the error. So the next time when he tired the installation again then he has got another error because columns was droped already at the first update. We deleted the sql files until the actual error and retry the install again and again while this folder will be empty. After all sql executed the PhpSwitcher works again.

    So if you have similar error then check that sqls and you will found the error.

    Teljesen rossz a megközelítés szerintem.

    A mailszervered a panel aldomainje, például nalam az admin.domain.tld. Ez a host is a szerveren nálam. Minden domain esetében ez a helyes mail szerver. Innentől kezdve pedig csak ehhez kell normális SSL, én az szoktam venni fillérekért.


    I don't have this plugin, but you just need to find version_confdir_path_prev in the source and where you found drop before this name you must insert the "if exists".

    You will found something like this:

    drop column `version_confdir_path_prev`

    modify to this:

    drop column if exists `version_confdir_path_prev`


    I didn't use the PDNS, but if I would like to move the mailboxes to another server maybe I try this way:

    1, You could install a new server with the same version of iMSCP
    2, you could copy the datas from domains, email,subdomains,... tables.
    3, Change the status of the rows from "ok" to "toadd" and run the request manager. This will generate all domain and emails.
    4, Create a bash script for copy the /var/mail/virtual to the new server and run that.
    5, change the MX records
    6, after some hours you must need to run the rsync again.