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    i upgraded one of my server from (maybe nightly) to and i've got an error:

    I have a fresh Debian Squueeze install with imscp

    My problems:
    - experimental dns settings doesn't works. When i add a new experimental record then i see that in the imscp, but the zone file is wrong, all subdomains removed from that
    - i can't create spf (txt) record
    - i can't modify the zone file by hand like in the ispcp, because when i change something than the zone file will recreate completly.

    You could rebuild all config files include the dns zones with this method:

    1, delete the current config files
    2, change the status of the domains/aliases/etc... in the database

    1. UPDATE `domain` SET `domain_status` = 'change' WHERE `domain_status` = 'ok';
    2. UPDATE `subdomain` SET `subdomain_status` = 'change' WHERE `subdomain_status` = 'ok';
    3. UPDATE `domain_aliasses` SET `alias_status` = 'change' WHERE `alias_status` = 'ok';
    4. UPDATE `subdomain_alias` SET `subdomain_alias_status` = 'change' WHERE `subdomain_alias_status` = 'ok';
    5. UPDATE `mail_users` SET `status` = 'change' WHERE `status` = 'ok';

    3, run the request manager manually

    If we keep arbitrary mount points then the current proftpd conf is the good solution.

    I use always the default mount point, because the other folder names will cause chaos on the server.