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    The new database's passwords are wrong too. I created a database on last week and the migration script couldn't login with the mysql user. I used ispcp 1.0.7 on this server.

    The mail passwords are corrects, i tried with my email address, this is the oldest in the system.

    I haven't problem, but maybe i just never try to directly login from ispcp to pma. This server was installed on 2007-12-07 with Debian Etch and the actual ispcp version. I upgraded ispcp and i upgraded the OS too (Etch -> Lenny -> Squeeze). Only 2-3 users use pma on this server, the other databases was created by me, because i developed all other site. I created all databases and db users in ispcp, but i used these logins only in my php code. I login to pma with root because i working on multiple sites every day, maybe that's why i can't see the problem until now.

    Ah, nothing is touched until all errors are corrected, so you can try this script over and over again untill all problems are solved. When all are corrected, script start modify

    I checked, and all of my database passwords in my ispcp db are incorrect. I don't understand why, because the most users didn't use the ispcp, and i updated the ispcp when a new released.

    So i will update all passwords and try again :)


    The migration script diagnosted some problem in my ispcp database. Found quota settings without domain (these domains was deleted early). I fixed these errors, and after the migration script try to login to the mysql with existing accounts, but can't becase the passwords are encrypted.

    In the row 164 of the migration script i found "my @paths" array, and i checked that. 3 paths are corrects from 4. The first was the wrong, but I think that this variable contains every ispcp-db-key file path what ever used so i need only one for correct mysql password decription.

    Have somebody an idea?