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    Once you did hacked the code, then installed both fpm and cgi for the Php versions you want to use, that is, once you have installed the debian packages, you need to connect as administrator to the control panel, then on the setting side, you'll find a phpswitcher plugin section that make you able to register new PHP versions manually.


    I cannot reproduce on Debian Buster (testing)

    But anyway, I wondering if we need really run freshclam while plugin installation because it seem it is done already on package installation, or at least when the daemon is starting.

    i-MSCP sets the default value for the max_execution_time directive using php_admin_value to prevent customers to raise it. If you want make your customer PHP scripts able to change the value at runtime, that is, through the set_time_limit() PHP function, you need change the php_admin_value statement to php_value. Once done, the PHP script will be able to make use of the set_time_limit() function to raise the value. The way to process depends on the i-MSCP httpd server implementation you're using... For FPM, you need to edit the pool configuration file of the targeted site and at bottom, change the statement as explained above. Once done, you need to reload the FPM instance.

    For instance, if you make use of the FPM httpd server implementation, you need change the line

    1. php_admin_value[max_execution_time] = 30


    1. php_value[max_execution_time] = 30

    in the FPM pool configuration file that belongs to your site.

    If you want make the change persistent, and assuming you're using either the FPM or FCGID httpd server implementation, you should use the following i-MSCP listener file:…

    This is already the version which will be available for next i-MSCP maintenance version.

    Can we just overwrite the files with the files from the archive?

    You can as long as you known what you're doing. You should just save and restore the config file and set the gui permissions once done: perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/ -dv

    Note that the PhpMyAdmin 4.8.5 version will be available in next maintenance release.

    Thomas Martin

    The problem was due to held packages. gcc-4.9 was not installable due to broken dependencies. Somehow, the binutils package was updated to a unexpected version. Once the problem has been fixed, the LetsEncrypt plugin installation went well.

    Also, I've removed all LE vhosts that you created manually using certbot. I've also purged the certbot package which was installed. The i-MSCP LetsEncrypt plugin make use of its own certbot client version. Then I've re-enabled LetsEncrypt for all involved sites through the control panel.

    Thomas Martin

    The problem is that you don't give us enough details about the error. As I see, there is something wrong with package dependencies but you're not showing us the exact APT error. Also, you don't say us which distribution/codename you're using.

    Please provide us with the following information:

    1. Your distribution ID and codename
    2. The LetsEncrypt plugin version you're using
    3. The exact error as reported by APT

    If you're not able to provide the exact error as reported by APT, you can always give us an access to your server through private conversation for further investigation.

    BTW: Please edit your previous post to add bbcode tags.

    Thomas Martin

    Good morning,

    Please when you're doing some copy-pasta, don't forget to surround the content with bbcode tags such as [code]content[/code]. Not doing this lead to unreadable content and that is prohibited on our forums. Please edit your previous post to fix that issue.

    Regarding your problem, please edit the `/etc/apt/preferences.d/imscp` APT preferences file and remove any pinning on the SSL related packages. Once done execute apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade and retry.