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    can i ad an other domain for mail? "Dienstleistungen" ? or change this?

    You can add up to 100 SANs. But, you need understand that postfix doesn't support SNI. That why you need use the server hostname in your mail client. We already answered and explained that many time on our forum. Please make a search for futher details.

    what is the best way to use ssl with i-mscp panel a paid wildcard ssl or 2 different certs issued by letsencrypt ?

    Why you would like to have two SSL certificates for the control panel exactly? Don't forget, you can add up to 100 SANs per letsencrypt SSL certificate. Please look better at the letsencrypt interface.

    So, it's already enabled. You need now setup your mail client correctly, that is, set the server hostname (service certificate name) for both, the IMAP/POP and SMTP server.

    As administrator, go to the letsencrypt UI and enable letsencrypt for the services. Then, in your mail client, make use of the server hostname for both IMAP (or POP) and SMTP servers.

    BTW: Multiple accounts are not allowed on our forums. I'll remove the Sould account.

    Before crying, you should learn a bit and give us sufficient information such as current permissions for the related files (and directories) in your document root. The fact that the service is currently running or not has nothing to do with the permissions... I can seem a bit rude here but it really seem that you understand anything.

    We 're selling a plugin for Let's Encrypt integration. We will not give you any clue regarding usage of certbot without our plugin.