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    The problem has been fixed. Thank you all for reporting this problem to us.

    Thread closed.


    People could fork, then make some pull requests but I've a new for you: Nobody help. They only talk about we should do that and this. That so easy to talk.. There is no really a community here. There is end users that don't really known what they're talking about. Not so grave for me but this is the reality. I'm open for any contribution. Just start with pull requests ;)

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    Please stop with all these bullshits. That's not because I'm not answering that I'm not here ;)

    theprincy As I said, I'll check. There is surely a problem with the letsencrypt plugin version that is installed on our server. Thank you for your feedback.

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    I've been involved in that project since several years, starting with VHCS, then ispCP and now i-MSCP.

    i-MSCP provides several layers which were not part from ispCP. This has been a hard work to add these layers such as the plugin management layer, the event system and so on...

    However, this is not really a one man show. joximu is right when he say that working with me is not easy. This is because I'm a bit rigid and also because i-MSCP involves several programming languages such as Perl, PHP, C, Bash but not that all. i-MSCP also requires Debian expertise and more generally, GNU linux expertise, including knowledge of all software involved in hosting (http server, smtp, imap, pop, ftp servers and so on ...). This is not so easy to known all about these "technologies". It is really easy to say: I'll do a fork... Ok, I'm fine with this but one thing remain each time someone tried to make a fork of the project: The lack of knowledge...

    On the current situation: The project is not dead. This is not because you don't see anything on the forum that we are not working behing the scene. i-MSCP is in a rewriting period. A full rewrite is not something that can be done in few months.

    I'm working hand in hand with some of my colleagues on the full rewrite:

    • db schema
    • API
    • backend
    • Frontend
    • ...

    For those people which are really developers, they can think a bit about the work needed to deliver a new version. We cannot only type on a keyboard without any thinking. First there is the specification to write (what we want, what the clients need, what we need to make it, how we can do and so on...). Then, there is a reflexion period on which technologies we need to use (PHP, Perl, framework, libraries...).

    Also the next version need to provide docker support and be cloud ready, so this is something totally new that need to be integrated from the begin.

    About me

    These last two years, my personal life changed:

    ---> A full time job (I'll talk more about that below)

    ---> A new girl friend

    ---> A move to a new city

    ---> A baby project


    About my full time job

    I'm working for a firm that provide accounting software for oil tankers (TOTAL, ENI, AVIA, BP...). This is not an easy work. That why I've been a bit away from here. However, I'm now in a new life step. I'll surely leave that job really soon to concentrate my effort on i-MSCP, working for an d IT compagny which rely on i-MSCP.

    I cannot say anything more here. I'm still there. i-MSCP is not dead.

    BTW: For those people which want fork, just do it but please, don't use our forums to talk about this.

    Good morning,

    After reading this thread my first thinking is: This is funny how people make assumption with a simple announcement. I've never said that the next version (i-HMS) which is just a new branding name, will not be open-source. Seriously, where did you read that thing... I'm talking about a new business model which must be discussed with my partners, nothing more. The core has been always free and will stay free. This don't prevent us to sell extended version with more features and so on. What the problem with that? Most of open-source projects are living that way...

    And yes, things are not fast as I would like but I cannot spend time on the project like in the past years due to my new life (a full time job, time for my wife, my familly and so on). That's a fact and this is not the first time I tell that. For those which would want see me working H24 on this project, feel free to ask me for my IBAN !

    Mutschas : You only say shit, for free without any beginning of prove. You should really stop drug ;)

    For the rest, I'll not debate anymore. This project stay on the road. There is time to talk and time to make things append. For people that are not happy, there is plenty of alternatives too...

    BTW: My employer is not invovled in anyway with this project. My partners stay the historical ones, nothing news here...