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    Good morning,

    After reading this thread my first thinking is: This is funny how people make assumption with a simple announcement. I've never said that the next version (i-HMS) which is just a new branding name, will not be open-source. Seriously, where did you read that thing... I'm talking about a new business model which must be discussed with my partners, nothing more. The core has been always free and will stay free. This don't prevent us to sell extended version with more features and so on. What the problem with that? Most of open-source projects are living that way...

    And yes, things are not fast as I would like but I cannot spend time on the project like in the past years due to my new life (a full time job, time for my wife, my familly and so on). That's a fact and this is not the first time I tell that. For those which would want see me working H24 on this project, feel free to ask me for my IBAN !

    Mutschas : You only say shit, for free without any beginning of prove. You should really stop drug ;)

    For the rest, I'll not debate anymore. This project stay on the road. There is time to talk and time to make things append. For people that are not happy, there is plenty of alternatives too...

    BTW: My employer is not invovled in anyway with this project. My partners stay the historical ones, nothing news here...


    I will try to provide an understandable specification for everyone in the next few days regarding rewriting. Maybe vuejs is not the right choice here since it requires a lot of learning effort. The choice regarding it could change. On the other hand, for Laravel, this choice will not change. The vuejs problem is that I'm not going to find many people to help me whereas if we use something like blade, with a better known javascript framework, maybe we could get more support. Anyway, at first the development will concern the backend part (model, API ...).


    That's the major problem we have with the i-MSCP community. Most of people using it don't even know how to administrate a server. They want play like admin but are definitively not.

    If even you, you cannot develop a simple TOTP plugin with the skills that you have (I learned from you at begin), I'm wondering how other people could help us. BTW: Did you looked at the yubikey plugin which is sensibly the same thing? I think I've given you access for free to that plugin already, long time ago.

    About documenting the API, I prefer concentrate my efforts on the full rewrite, providing well documented code base than losing time documenting very old code for nothing. I hope you understand the reasoning.

    To all people: I never said that i-MSCP is past. I need time to rewrite it using new technologies (laravel, vuejs and so on...) and you need to take into consideration that from now on, I'm working (full time job). So, basically put, a full rewrite of i-MSCP is not an easy task which can be accomplished in few days. So I'll try to be more clear because some are complaining about the (done when done): I need at least 8 months to provide a new version (full rewrite using laravel, vuejs).

    Now, I understand that people want continue beneficate from i-MSCP updates during that period and that why I'll provide an 1.5.3 update (test version planned for next week and which will be driven by TheCry ) to make it compatible with latest Debian. I'll also provide update for both PhpSwitcher and LetsEncrypt plugins which provide major features for the community.

    I'm not here to lie. If my attention would be to let that project die, I would clearly announce that fact, searching for people able to take the relay. BUT that not the case ;)

    Thank you all for reading me.

    Da Corona ja nun die meisten Menschen ins Home Office verbannt hat haut Nuxwin nun bestimmt 2.0 raus :thumbsup:

    But in fact not... My boss didn't forgot to ask me to take my iMAC to make me able to continue working at home ;)

    For other people... Nothing to say more appart what I've already said. I cannot get more time than I can have. The things will happen. I need time.…ases/tag/1.5.3-2018120800

    Das letzte Release ist von 2018.

    Keine Sicherheitsupdates / Patches / Fixes oder gar Fortschritt in der Software in der Zwischenzeit? Full-Rewrite ist ja nett, darauf habe ich mich schon gefreut als ich vor Jahren hier ausgestiegen bin. Aber dass die Software seit ~1 Jahr überhaupt nicht weiterentwickelt wurde (für uns Benutzer sichtbar) klingt für mich schon danach als wäre das Projekt aufgegeben worden.

    I've now a full time job so I cannot spend much time on the forum. I prefer work on the full rewrite on my free time .

    Mir geht es da ähnlich wie Dir. Ich verfolge nun seit 2 Jahren die ständigen Ankündigungen der Weiterentwicklungen. Wir müssen feststellen, dass Roundcube in Version 1.2 läuft, das Theme weiterhin aus ispcp Zeiten stammt und irgendwie kein Zeitplan erkennbar ist. Zwischendurch wurde darauf verwiesen, dass man sich aktuelle Informationen über Facebook beschaffen soll und nicht über dieses Forum hier. Man hat gespendet und regelmäßig nach dem aktuellen Stand gefragt. Antwort: Es ist fertig, wenn es fertig ist.
    Allmählich sollte man vielleicht doch auf ein anderes Pferd umsatteln.

    You're free to help ;)

    Good morning,

    Instead of executing it as follows:

    1. root@peta:/var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/PhpSwitcher/PhpCompiler# perl --zts --packaged --register 7.3

    Try to execute it as follows:

    1. root@peta:# cd /usr/local/src
    2. root@peta:# perl /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/PhpSwitcher/PhpCompiler/ --zts --packaged --register 7.3

    There is a path issue when executing the script through its root directory. This issue to be fixed. This issue has been reported to us by mikerhyner (konzeptplus).