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    Dear community,

    A new version of the PhpSwitcher plugin has just been released:

    Version compatible with i-MSCP Serie ≥ 1.5.3

    Once connected on our forums, you can purchase this plugin at:

    Documentation is available at:


    • Fixed: Bad error handling in the Plugin::PhpSwitcher::_installDistributionPackages method (backend)
    • Fixed: Bad error handling in the Plugin::PhpSwitcher::_uninstallDistributionPackages method (backend)
    • Fixed: Domains' PHP versions are not reset-back to default PHP version when the plugin is being disabled (Closes #45)
    • Fixed: Don't trigger full reconfiguration of packaged PHP versions when they remain identical after the DPKG(1) post-invok tasks
    • Fixed: FPM - UDS for the default PHP version (for all domain using it) are not created when upgrading from version 4.0.3 bug (Closes #36)
    • Fixed: Pool configuration files (excepted www.conf) of all packaged PHP versions are removed on DPKG(1) post-invoke tasks (Closes #38)
    • Fixed: The GMP extension now uses autodetection; don't pass /usr to configure (PHP 7.4)
    • Fixed: Unknown iMSCP_Plugin_PhpSwitcher::loadConfig() method with i-MSCP plugin API >= 1.5.1
    • Fixed: Useless (unused) www.conf.default pool configuration file (compiled PHP versions)
    • Fixed: Weird behavior --register --packaged --packaged-only (Closes #43)
    • Fixed: When a PHP runtime depenency package cannot be installed, an error should be raised (Closes #42)
    • Fixed: When a requirement for a packaged PHP version is no longer meet after the DPKG(1) post-invoke - tasks, its deletion must be scheduled, and the PHP version of any site using it must be resetted to the default PHP version
    • Fixed: Wrong permissions set on the listener file (Closes #46)
    • Refreshed: Patches for PHP 7.4.0RC4 (Closes #44)
    • Updated: script for use of PHP 7.4.0RC4 (Closes #44)

    Thank you for using our plugins.

    Normally I use the domainname of the user.

    Pop with 110 and SMTP without SSL 25

    "and SMTP without SSL 25" mean nothing for me ;) You need use the port 587 for the SMTP submissions, whenever the connexion is secured over TLS or not. You should be able to enable/disable TLS (STARTTLS), through your mail client. TLS is not mandatory ( smtpd_tls_security_level = maybe )

    See also:…#smtpd_tls_security_level

    BTW: Not using TLS with latest i-MSCP is really not recommended are credential as sent plaintext...


    Please edit your last answer and suround your copy-past with bbcode tags: [code] bla bla bla [/code]

    About your question: If you enable SSL for the services (which include the smtp server) through the i-MSCP installer (or while reconfiguration), you should still be able to authentication without SSL (not recommended). You need give us further details: How your client (using no ssl) are configured exactly?

    The exact error message

    I: Cleaning COW directory
    [ERROR] main: An error occurred while executing MAKE(1) target(s) for PHP 5.3.29: /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-modules: line 487: /var/cache/pbuilder/build/cow.26226/usr/sbin/policy-rc.d: No such file or directory

    If your server is a container, please run the command with the --no-chroot option. Next time please search on our forums becaus this problem and the solution has been already given.