How to set I-MSCP to use php 7.3 as default

  • I have been using I-MSCP for several years now and have recently installed the latest I-MSCP 1.5.3 on a new server.

    With the EOL of PHP 7.1 coming up I would like to use at least PHP 7.3 as default PHP version.

    I have tried to use the script perl imscp-autoinstall -dr php to change the default version but only PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 are available while using this script.

    I use PHPSwitcher and PHP 7.3 is installed and available from the I-MSCP backend.

    Any help would be appreciated or reference to the documentation that explains how to change PHP default version.

  • Good morning,

    With the latest i-MSCP stable release, PHP 7.3 isn't available without the PhpSwitcher plugin. There if no way to set the PHP 7.3 version the default PHP version when creating a new customer account or domain/subdomain through an existent account. However, once the PHP 7.3 version, either the packaged, or compiled version, is registered in the PhpSwitcher plugin, your customers can select it through their PhpSwitcher interface.

    With the next i-MSCP version, which isn't ready for production yet, PHP 7.3 will be the default PHP version. There is also a feature request opened on the PhpSwitcher project (private repository) to let the sysadmin choose which PHP version must be the default one.


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