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    That bug should have been fixed in 5.0.3... Seem not. It is caused by the dpkg listener file (provided by the PhpSwitcher plugin) which is responsible to reconfigure/restart PHP versions (packaged) when those are being updated. I'll check the behavior again because the pool configuration file shouldn't be removed in such case.

    This issue has been fixed lately in our git repository...

    That change is already planned.

    Good morning,

    Unless domain1 and domain2 are owned by the same customer, you cannot access files from each to others. This is due to the open_basedir restrictions.

    The solution is to install the shared library somewhere else, such as in the /usr/local/lib/php directory (you need to create that directory), and through relevant i-MSCP listener file, change the open_basedir parameter for all domains to add that directory. For best use, you should also add that path to the include_path (always through the listener file).

    Assuming that you're using latest i-MSCP version, you can use the following i-MSCP listener file:…

    Basically put, the %configOptions hash from the i-MSCP listener file should looks as follows:

    1. my %configOptions = (
    2. '*' => {
    3. 'open_basedir' => '{HOME_DIR}/:/usr/local/lib/php/:{PEAR_DIR}/:/dev/random:/dev/urandom',
    4. 'include_path' => '.:{PEAR_DIR}:/usr/local/lib/php/'
    5. }
    6. );

    The listener file need to be copied in the /etc/imscp/listeners.d directory. Once you have edited the configuration part of the listener file, you need trigger a i-MSCP reconfiguration, else, the changes won't be taken into effect: perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -danv.

    BTW: Don't forget that the listener file requires either FPM (recommended) or Fcgid.