SMTP with and without SSL

  • Hello,

    I changed my server to ssl. So I can send the mails over SSL.

    But I need to send emails without ssl (plain), till I changed it everywhere. (the authentication)

    Can someone tell me, what I need to change, to make it so. Pop3-Receiving works, only SMTP-sending is the problem.

    I-Mscp is the newest.


  • You can use the unsecured ports even if SSL is enabled if I remeber it correctly.

    Just take a look at the panel which ports you need to select.

    Have a nice day. :)

  • The problem is, that the scanners don't work anymore.

    They said, that they didn't support the transaction. (authentification-error)

    This happens also with older Email-Clients like Outlook 2007.

    What I didn't understand, some clients can login with plain and some not.

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  • This is my from postfix

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    About your question: If you enable SSL for the services (which include the smtp server) through the i-MSCP installer (or while reconfiguration), you should still be able to authentication without SSL (not recommended). You need give us further details: How your client (using no ssl) are configured exactly?


  • Normally I use the domainname of the user.

    Pop with 110 and SMTP without SSL 25

    "and SMTP without SSL 25" mean nothing for me ;) You need use the port 587 for the SMTP submissions, whenever the connexion is secured over TLS or not. You should be able to enable/disable TLS (STARTTLS), through your mail client. TLS is not mandatory ( smtpd_tls_security_level = maybe )

    See also:…#smtpd_tls_security_level

    BTW: Not using TLS with latest i-MSCP is really not recommended are credential as sent plaintext...


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