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    That what you posted as the vhost file, isnt actually the vhost file.

    Do you use any plugins for i-MSCP?

    Is the i-MSCP version up to date?

    Is there a .htaccess file in that directory? Keep in mind, that you need to search especially for hidden files.

    Try to delete the file and upload a new index.php or index.html. Use the following content:

    1. <html>
    2. <head>
    3. <title>test</title>
    4. </head>
    5. <body>
    6. <p>test</p>
    7. </body>
    8. </html>

    Did you change something manually?Is that a new installation?

    Try "/var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -r httpd" . If that doesnt solve it, you might try "/var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -r all".

    If you do that commands, make sure to disable any used plugins before you do it (better safe than sorry).

    What joximu posted is actually a very good idea. Why didnt I thought about checking the access and error logs from that domain? :/=O:D

    At the moment, at least for me, its unclear whats the exact issue. I kind of lost the overview here. Sorry. :(

    Because there are now like 10 domains with different information and some key-information arent provided at all.

    It might be usefull if you do the following (be as specific as possible):

    Which domain got a problem?

    What kind of problem?

    Screenshot of the configuration from the domain.

    The content of the vhost files for the problematic domains.

    Plus provide information which seem be be important for you, but please they need to be specific and the more detailed the better.