New Custom Theme

  • Good morning,

    The github status link has changed. This has nothing to do with us. Regarding i-MSCP, it is under heavy development and it would be useless to create a new theme from current version as we are currently rewritting the frontend. Development take time. The development of the new frontend is done in private repository to avoid useless comment till a version is usable. If you look at my facebook, you'll see that , I'm often posting related screenshots.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm a follower on FB since this morning.

    So, I'm not into the Frontend, just found this thread while looking for theming.

    My personal needs (maybe: TODO) are:

    - hook or plugin to mail.<domain> into ssl conf

    from this thread: Setup SSL (Let's Encrypt) on mail client with customer subdomain

    "If you use the i-MSCP LetsEncrypt plugin, you can do that at the Let'sEncrypt administrator level (You need to enable Let's Encrypt for the services (FTP, SMTP, IMAP/POP) and add all mail.<domain.tld> subdomains as subject alternative names of the SSL certificate). "

    So, I want this to happen automagically for each new domain.

    Maybe as an option for people with more than 100 domains. I could image that editing the ssl plugin might be a reasonable way, but I didn't start looking into it now.

    - easy options for IPv6 addresses, so each domains can get it's own IP. No clue yet how realistic that would be :)

    - check out what hinders i-MSCP to run on ASCII.

    Whereas last point might come first, I was busy setting up new VMs last week and am really pi**ed by systemd.