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    I hate losing my time ;) Why do you try to install an older release exactly?

    Oh, I'm surprised, didn't answer, was just a draft, but I didn't remember how I fixed the issue as I tried many things.

    I took the last working version. I had severe issues with my underlying Dom0, so I had to get up running more machines. The latest released stopped installing with an error I don't remember right now, but 1.5.3 did, so I left it that way, as there were other services offline, too. For the moment I was happy to have the service back online. und

    Wo siehst Du dann den Zusammenhang zum i-MSCP?

    Ich würde beim provider nachfragen, erwarte aber nicht zu viel Expertise. Wer seine Seite schon mit WP aufsetzt …

    Edit: So, wie es aussieht, reagiert er via IMAp gar nicht mit SSL, via SMTP liefert er ein Cert für aus.

    Wenn Du das einträgst sollte senden via SMTP gehen, aber ist ganz sicher nicht im Sinne des Erfinders.

    Apparently, after the upgrade the plugin PanelRedirect was no longer installed for some reason, after the (re)install of the plugin, the panel now works on :443

    Well, I asked twice for apache2ctl -S. (not -2, my fault …)

    With PanelRedict it shows:

    1. x.x.x.x:443 is a NameVirtualHost
    2. default server (/etc/apache2/imscp/before/PanelRedirect_ssl.conf:1)
    3. port 443 namevhost (/etc/apache2/imscp/before/PanelRedirect_ssl.conf:1)
    4. port 443 namevhost (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/x.net_ssl.conf:1)
    5. alias
    6. alias

    BTW, before an upgrade you should disable all plugins and enable them afterwards.

    Hmm, waiting for someone who is experienced in those crypto things? :)

    Edit: By the way, one of my setups, works like a charme, but same warning: