New Custom Theme

  • Es soll auch nicht immer alles als Kritik verstanden werden. Ich ziehe den Hut vor den Leistungen nuxwins und finde auch das imscp klasse. Irgendwann bin ich zu ispcp und dann zu imscp gekommen und weiterhin gern Nutzer. Ich sage ja auch nicht, dass nuxwin nun auf Biegen und Brechen ein neuen Layout machen soll. Wie aaroniker gibt es ja vielleicht auch andere die sich damit auseinandersetzen möchten und die sollen natürlich auch von dem Interesse und einer Zahlungsbereitschaft wissen. Wenn keiner nach etwas fragt, weshalb sollte sich dann jemand hinsetzen und aktiv werden?

    Also imscp ist top und niemand soll hier zu etwas gezwungen werden.

  • Probably abandoned, just like his last theme...

  • Probably abandoned, just like his last theme...

    You read in my thoughts :D


  • You read in my thoughts :D

    That would be sorry for the wasted time.

    Too bad that such things don't happen on public repositories, so one can participate from the work done before (yes, I'm aware of the NIH problem).

    I'm no designer, neither in urgent need für a new theme, but, as much as I hate it, many customers are using their phones even for admin stuff than a real desktop or at least a laptop.

    I'm planing on a few thing I need to improve myself, am willing to fork them into a public repository, however: Where to start?

    On the front page are three branches. 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 2.0.x.

    Which to choose as a starting point? Has everything to be dumped when 1.6 is available?

    According to this colorcode: About i-MSCP Git branches status the main release is "Broken/Unavailable", every branch is "Under Development".

    When you follow the link to the GitHub status, there is a page which gives no clearance, only states that is deprecated.

    I fear that my words sound much ruder than they are meant, sorry, English is not my native language, I'm absolutely positive about i-MSCP.

    I don't do hosting for a living, in fact I spend more money on it than I receive, I just like the option to be independent of big companies.

  • Good morning,

    The github status link has changed. This has nothing to do with us. Regarding i-MSCP, it is under heavy development and it would be useless to create a new theme from current version as we are currently rewritting the frontend. Development take time. The development of the new frontend is done in private repository to avoid useless comment till a version is usable. If you look at my facebook, you'll see that , I'm often posting related screenshots.