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    Hello ;

    You should not install roundcube manually. Well, install teamviewer and PM me, I'll help you to fix.

    Thank you for using i-MSCP.

    Thank you, your proposal to help is very very gratly and a masterpice of service ans support and is unparalleled in commercial software let alone in OSS - thousend thanks!
    But it is all o.k. - roundcube runs very good as far as I can tell so far. I've not manual installed, I've only corrected some "misformed" configuration.

    The database has ben installed right from the installer/updater script, but there where some mistakes or unfunctional parts in the from that in the installer builded roundcube dir. The hints from the wiki-article about the manual installation did only help find the right positions an statements to correct.
    In detail I did the following: from /var/www/imscp/gui/public/tools/webmail/config

    1. $rcmail_config['imap_auth_type'] = LOGIN; (there was 'nul' in the installed)$rcmail_config['default_host'] = 'localhost'; (there was the fqdn in the installed)$rcmail_config['smtp_server'] = 'localhost'; (the same as previously)

    and in the /var/www/fcgi/master/php5/php.ini

    1. magic_quotes_gpc = off (there was a void value in the installed)

    Then I copied the in the /etc/imscp/roundcube/working directory, because I think, that a new Update does change that...(I think to remember that this shold be done of recent ispcp-times :huh:

    And now all thinks seem to be fine.
    Thank you again for your quick an professionell help - this is very nice and makes me happy. I believe and wish, that you get back that in your life...
    As I said, if I do not come clear again, I'll cry :P


    About roundcube, I would recommend you to update your clone of our repository and rerun the i-MSCP installer.

    Thank for using i-MSCP

    mhm - sorry, but the update did it make worse...
    Now once more the failure in Rouncube, it's not possible to login - the failurepicture is the same as before (as I've done the migration from ispcp)
    Now I'll do the same as before in the configuration of roundcube by hand.
    Perhaps you can look at the update-script on opportuneness.
    If there come newer problems, I'll cry :cool:

    The Domain-Management is a little bit unusable but other as btw in plesk...
    You have to put aliases to the user, this aliases get a subdirectory which can you change.
    Hope that helps a little bit...

    Thats incredible, how fast you did this...
    I've meanwhile successfull tried some hints from the wiki-article about manual installation of roundcube, and it seems, that all thinks went good ;-)
    But I'd noticed one thing: the database-name of the i-mscp-system is not imscp but is ispcp and not imscp as in the new installed imscp-system.
    What about updates in this case?


    Hello ;

    I've fixed the problem about the roundcube addon.…25c0730e76148b5ad98f5bb73

    Thank you for using i-MSCP

    Danke - ich hab inzwischen den Thread im Wiki unter…uirrelmail_with_roundcube
    gefunden gehabt und mir da einiges "rausgepickt", was zum Laufen des Roundcube-Webmailers geführt hat (sieht wenigstens so aus...)

    Thanks! I've found the article in the wiki about manuell installation of roundcube, where were infos which gave me the idees and now it seems, that roundcube runs, I'll give infos later...

    deutsch ist es mir lieber...
    Habe heut von ispc migriert - ist gelaufen bis auf eine Sache:

    roundcube db ist leer (hatte sie manuell erstellt und die Rechte in Mysql drauf gesetzt) - es wurden und werden bei wiederholtem Durchlauf der imscp-setup nix für roundcube angelegt, ich denke mal, da ist einfach etwas im Script des aktuellen Builds im git falsch.
    WIe kann man das nachholen?
    Es muss doch irgenwo dieser Scriptteil vorhanden sein, denn ein Update ist mir ja schon geglückt auf einem anderen Server (von 1.0.3 auf die 1.1. rc4, dort allerdings nicht über die git-repo.

    Migration lt vorgenommen.

    Wäre echt klasse, wenn es dafür ne Lösung gibt, finde den Webmailer schon wichtig....

    To which version you try to migrate?? Which MySQL Version??

    newest version from the git (I've used the tutorial for migration from the wiki...)
    Mysql is in version 5.1.66-0+squeeze1

    the migrationscript had no critical errors, in the log of the migrationscript are only 4 rows...but nothin about a critical error, only this:

    insserv: warning: script 'apf' missing LSB tags and overrides
    There seems to be a mistake in the installer-script.
    I did the following to resolve the problem:

    manual cration of the database imscp_roundcube
    manual setting of privileges of the user roundcube_user with a spezific password

    # mysql -u privileguser -p
    > create database imscp_roundcube;
    > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON imscp_roundcube.* TO username@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

    Then I've reapplied running the installscript and all thinks went (almost) fine.
    The Domains are reachable, the login in the new i-Mscp for admin and resellers possible, only the "Frontpages" of the users the old one, and therfore the links to the Controlpanel are wrong...

    Thanks a lot for the good work of the i-mscp-Team, its awasome...

    I've tried to migrate from ispcp to i-mscp. All things went good, because till the installation of roundcube from the installer-process.
    The failure is:
    Addons::roundcube::installer::_createDatabase: Unable to create the 'imscp_roundcube' SQL database: Error while executing query: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'imscp_roundcube`` CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci' at line 1

    But where is this script and whats wrong?
    Thanks for help, the server is in the moment not reachable per http, I hope, my customers are uncomplaining and do wait patiently....