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    I want to install the newest version of pydio, the 6.x, and this so, that all users / customer can use it with all featuresh
    The installation in imscp allows imho only ftp - nor calendar, nor share files, nor build groups, automatet registration for users, nor syncronisation on smartphones etc.

    is there a possibility to activate more than only ftp from pydio?
    I've been looking for possibilities to share / use some mountpoints for a private cloud ala owncloud, but owncloud does it not, it synchronize the folders not, exception becaust it could not build the index in the database. I'd hoped to do it with pydio, but I've recognized, that pydio in imscp is only a ftp-client.
    Copy the install-directory did not give results, every login brings a errormessage that the userdata or password would be wrong
    How can I use pydio with all its features?

    Thanks for any hint.

    hempelr from the ore mountains, also known als chrismasland, in gremany... :shy:

    In this directory exists 7 logfiles, which are longer than zero byte and have errormessages.
    After packing these logfiles into an tar.gz and deleting all logfiles in that directory all seems be good.
    I've tested with add a new domain, a new mailaccount in this domain and its accessible as it could be expected.

    Thanks for the hint...

    btw.: I did during the install some manuell actions on the database, because some more errors have occured, espacially with deleted domains an / or mailaccounts and some failing extensions.
    Possibliy that could bring something in tohuwabohu in the system. I hope, that it will run now smoothly ;-)

    The version I use is git branch 2.9.x


    I would delete a Domains / Mail-Accounts. But nothing happens after click on delete, neither on domain nor on mailaccount.
    After trial to start the imscp-request-manager manually the following error-message appears:


    and no deletion wipell be done.
    If then will be done an update of imscp there appear many failures, all domains and mailaccounts must be deletet manually in the database / spezific tables before any update can done withot exceptions...

    How can I solve the problem without manually edit the imscp-database?

    with a blocked shell, when with strg+c the install-script will be interruptet following error-message appears:

    iMSCP::Debug::__ANON__: Command died with signal 2, without coredump at /root/imscp-1.2.x/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 177.

    Its a brand"new" vServer with debian jessy.

    How could there the problem be solved?

    Thanks for any hint in advance....

    Thanks Nuxwin, that resolved the problem.
    I've interrupted the update to the 1.3.x branch rather on begin, because I would it not in truth...
    Now after some restarts and manually edit some records in the mail-table of the database (these which where on status "delete" I've manually deletet), then it went well.
    One problem is yet, that courier-imap-ssl does not start automatically on systemstart, but I will it resolve later...
    So I think, that the thread could be seen as solved.



    Hi @ all,

    I've would run a update, because ther where some problems with the mailsever after updating debian jessie (with apt-get update / apt-get upgrade)
    Now the i-mscp and webserver an also mailserver doesn't run well, no website is running, the adminpanel is not reachable...
    Here are the screenshots of the last attempt to update i-mscp

    What could be an idea, howto repair the failure?

    thanks in advice