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    The version is running some weeks ago. The failure was not seen, because the customer has not so many mail traffic. In the file system no quota is configured. I let run the cron-job 2 times manually, but nothing did change. The failure occurs only in the customer login in the mail account settings. Only if all quotes of this special user account in imscp will be off, then it won't send a space - warning to the mail accounts within this cutover account.
    That what I don't understand is, that this only on one user account occurs, on all other accounts the configured quota will be shown right and can be changed without any problems or complaints of the system. Could it be a database issue?
    Thanks for any hint or Idea to search...


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    I have the same problem - I-MSCP version 1.t2.9 / Debian 7
    It occusrs only on one useraccount - nothing helps what I know :(
    Can anyone give a hint, how to change that? A dirty workaround I've set to unimited, but that can it not be...

    Btw - I wish all the people, users and devs all the grbest for the new year.

    greetings from germany


    Ninos, thanks - your hints help (I hope ;-); I'll do it step by step in a quite hour...

    Its a pity, that there is no easy way but before the succes the Lord has set the sweat (sorry is an german proverb, I don't know if it is understood in english)

    Greetings and a blessed 3rd Advent.


    Hi folks,
    is there any way to change accounts as desribed, subdomain in maindomain- and/aor alias in maindomain-account without loose the data (esp. mailaccount-contents)
    on a "easy" way with imscp?
    For the "hard" way I've found something in the forum and/or wiki and on other sites, aunt google gives some intersting hints to read :angel: But I'm interested in the easy way - if there is one :saint:
    Thanks in advance

    hempelr f

    ups - sorry, I'm on work and did not see your question / answer....

    I've done updates against git, thats right. The branch is 1.2.x which is in the shellscript from the wiki.
    Mhm - possibly did that break something...sorry, but I thought, that this would be the right way to have an actual webpanel with newest features....

    Thanks for your help - more via pm.

    I've made a new mistake, but with some searches and do a new install it is all o.k.
    Thanks - that is a awesome support...problem solved and I've once more learned something.

    Thanks nuxwin - the first point were also my thoughts, but I was not shure...

    How can I backport the pm - I'll search first to solve it alone, if I do not succeed, I'll come back ;-)


    mhm - I don't think that it has to do with - because the deletion of an alias-domain does not work.
    Now I've deactivatet adminer, the first failure message disappears, if I try to start imscp-rqst-mngr manually.
    But the second message with is still relevant and the alias won't be deleted.

    Now I've manually deleted the entry in the database (imscp - table domain_aliasses entry of the spezific alias) - and now the requestmanager starts manually witout any complaint. But the folder(s) of that alias were not deletet.
    Because I've to delete some other users / domains / aliases on that server it would be nice, if I could do that with imscp - how can the issue be fixed?

    somtime later:
    Now I've unmounted the log-dir of a domainalias which should be deleted, and did delete in imscp. But noting in the database nor the directory-structure of the domain will occur - the status is "wird gelöscht..."
    When I manual start the request-manager the samt failure message appears:
    [FATAL] iMSCP::Debug::__ANON__: Could not run mount command: Unknown error at /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/Servers/httpd/ line 1410.
    Now I give it up an hope, that someone knows a solution....

    it will not let me in peace ;-)
    Now I did look into the perl-module, which gives the failure. The line 1410 is in sub umountLogsFolder, in the part to mount folder(s)... there must be someone a problem to mount the given folders
    No, I can't understand whats going on, sorry - I need further help :(

    sometime later:
    I tried to delete a customer / whole domain - the same as above, nothing runs.

    Now I need urgent help...

    Unfortunately, the problem with the Request Manager is not yet solved.
    The erase operations fail, it always remains the state "will be deleted".
    What could be the problem?
    Its a bit annoying, do the changes manually in the DB and the file system.

    Linux webse001 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt11-1+deb8u6 (2015-11-09) i686 GNU/Linux
    mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.0.22-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (i686) using readline 5.2

    i-MSCP Git 1.2.x / PHP 5.6.14-0+deb8u1

    Why and where does imscp mount every domain-log-dir in a lvm of the server?
    I can't find any mount-command - and then ist also not in ext3, all devices will be mounted as ext4 on the server.
    Whats going on there with imscp - look the 3rd picture...