Problems with the request-manager / version 1,2.10 - Debian 8.2

  • I would delete a Domains / Mail-Accounts. But nothing happens after click on delete, neither on domain nor on mailaccount.
    After trial to start the imscp-request-manager manually the following error-message appears:


    and no deletion wipell be done.
    If then will be done an update of imscp there appear many failures, all domains and mailaccounts must be deletet manually in the database / spezific tables before any update can done withot exceptions...

    How can I solve the problem without manually edit the imscp-database?

  • Hello ;

    Which version you're using exaclty?

    For the 1.2.9 version, The reported line…d/ has nothing to do with the mount command...

    Please, provide use the full log for the target domain which is located under /var/log/imscp.


  • In this directory exists 7 logfiles, which are longer than zero byte and have errormessages.
    After packing these logfiles into an tar.gz and deleting all logfiles in that directory all seems be good.
    I've tested with add a new domain, a new mailaccount in this domain and its accessible as it could be expected.

    Thanks for the hint...

    btw.: I did during the install some manuell actions on the database, because some more errors have occured, espacially with deleted domains an / or mailaccounts and some failing extensions.
    Possibliy that could bring something in tohuwabohu in the system. I hope, that it will run now smoothly ;-)

    The version I use is git branch 2.9.x