Umlaute in Emails

  • @TheCry

    Could you please explain me the exact problem. I would fix it but without further info, I'm in troubles... I would like to be a divin but as far I know they only exits in movies... :D


  • @Nuxwin
    Before he translated his story to english he did wrote it in german and there he talked about a problem with the umlauts "ä,ü,ü,ß" in the autoreply function of the i-MSCP panel. The umlauts are not correctly in the autoreply.

  • Can you come on IRC @TheCry then, we can talk together. This problem remains again and again but is not reproducible on all servers so. Eg, I should have more info about the environment: The locale in use on the system and so on.



  • Hello ;

    I'm able to reproduce the problem (at least when German special character are inserted in auto-reply message (i-MSCP auto-responder feature)

    I'll process further test and fix.

    Thank you for your report.


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