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    Hi Laurent,

    today i did an OS upgrade Debian 8 to Debian 9.

    After OS upgrade i'd tried to upgrade the panel from 1.2.9 to 1.5.3. While installation i got this error

    1. [FATAL] Carp::croak: Couldn't remove the imscp_network service: Can't locate object method "remove" via package "iMSCP::File" at /usr/local/src/imscp-1.5.3-2018120800/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 145.
    2. at /usr/local/src/imscp-1.5.3-2018120800/autoinstaller/ line 237.

    I'd marked the line 238

    1. $serviceMngr->remove( 'imscp_network' );

    Now the setup ran to end and the panel is up2date.

    Did i forget something to do before upgrading the panel?


    Hi Laurent,

    The problem was fixed by the administrator of the relay server.

    There are different rules which has to be changed.

    Now it works without SASL authentication (the admin doesn't want to use this and our server is protected with different ip rules).

    Hi Laurent,

    maybe my explaination wasn't clear enough.

    Let us say the recipient is "" (this email address doesn't exist but the is working).

    On my server are only service email addresses:

    1. service@domain-1.tld
    2. service@domain-2.tld
    3. service@domain-3.tld

    Now my server should decide, by sending domain, which relay server should be use to send at the email address

    If i send with "service@domain-1.tld" the relay server "mail03.domain-1.tld" should be use.

    If i send with "service@domain-3.tld" the relay server "mail10.domain-3.tld" should be use.

    My postfix decide's correct but the relay server said "said: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected".

    Then i send an email with "service@domain-1.tld" to "system-administrator@domain-1.tld" (this email exists in the company not on my server) and postfix us the relay server "mail03.domain-1.tld". But in this case the relay server accepts my email and deliver the email to system-administrator@domain-1.tld.

    Hi together,

    i have a litlle problem.

    A customer has different service email addresses.

    For example

    1. service@domain-1.tld
    2. service@domain-2.tld
    3. service@domain-3.tld

    My first thought was to use this listener…

    I'd added this

    1. my %transportTableEntries = (
    2. 'domain-1.tld' => 'relay:mail03.domain-1.tld',
    3. 'domain-2.tld' => 'relay:mail20.domain-2.tld',
    4. 'domain-3.tld' => 'relay:mail10.domain-3.tld'
    5. );

    Everything seems to be working. If i send an email to "customer@domain-1.tld" postfix uses the relay server "mail03.domain-1.tld". The same works with the other.

    But if i send an email to a different email address with another domain postfix sends the email directly to th receiver without using the relayserver.

    And that ist the point.

    How is it possible to use the correct relay server by sender email domain?

    I'd tried to use this tutorial:…nt-relay-hosts-on-ubuntu/

    2. sender_dependent_relayhost_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/imscp/relayhost_maps

    and the file "/etc/postfix/imscp/relayhost_maps"

    1. @domain-1.tld mail03.domain-1.tld
    2. @domain-3.tld mail20.domain-2.tld
    3. @domain-3.tld mail10.domain-3.tld

    But now i got this error message

    1. Mar 12 17:28:21 mailgw postfix/qmgr[2397]: 9F9481F540: from=<service@domain-1.tld>, size=870, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
    2. Mar 12 17:28:22 mailgw postfix/smtp[2522]: 9F9481F540: to=<thecry@my-domain.tld>, relay=mail03.domain-1.tld[***.***.***.***]:25, delay=0.67, delays=0.13/0.02/0.44/0.06, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (host mail03.domain-1.tld[***.***.***.***] said: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected. (in reply to RCPT TO command))

    What do i wrong? Or is the problem on the relay server




    ich glaube Du solltest mal einen Gang zurückschalten. Nuxwin hat Dir es genau erklärt

    1. perl /var/www/imscp/engine/imscp-reconfigure -r help

    Zeigt Dir genau an was Du ändern kannst.

    Keiner hier hat Zeit und Muse jemandem einen Server zu erklären. Von daher finde ich Deine Beschwerden fehl am Platz.

    Ja es gibt einen weiteren Weg das Panel Cert upzudaten, aber der Aufwand ist wesentlich größer als es mit dem Reconfigure zu machen.

    Try to use the roundcube plugin

    There you have to activate after installation the "manage sieve" section in the config.php

    Before you start you have to install this package

    1. dovecot-managesieved

    After installation of both check one email folder. There have to be a symbolic link "dovecot.sieve" which is linked to

    1. ./sieve/managesieve.sieve

    If this does not exist you can use my script ti recreate this files.

    Maybe you have to change this path

    $managesieve_file ='/root/scripts/managesieve.sieve';

    In the same folder of this script add this file called "managesieve.sieve"

    I use this if the symbolic link does not exist.