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    You problem is the source.list

    In your list you will find this

    1. deb stable main contrib non-free
    2. deb-src stable main contrib non-free

    Now "Debian 10" is stable and your "Debian 9" got the packages to upgrade.

    If you don't want to upgrade change the lines

    1. deb oldstable main contrib non-free
    2. deb-src oldstable main contrib non-free

    The same problem is under Debian 8

    1. deb oldoldstable main contrib non-free
    2. deb-src oldoldstable main contrib non-free

    The word "oldstable" is now "oldoldstable"

    I don't really understand why it would be so tedious to make use of a listener in that specific case. The i-MSCP Postfix server implementation provide a routine that make edition of the file very easy. As a sysadmin, editing a single file to remove or adding RBL servers is not so hard, isn't it?

    It isn't hard. ;)

    I understand now why it is not so easy to implement. So i will do it with a listener

    Hi Laurent,

    it will be a nice feature if you implement in the admin level a section to add, activate, deactivate differnt RBL servers.

    At the moment the spam are horrible and if the customers add some forwarder to GMX, Hotmail, a.s.o. your server wil be added to the blacklist.

    I did add the RBL servers manually to the (smtpd_recipient_restrictions)

    1. reject_rbl_client,
    2. reject_rbl_client,
    3. reject_rbl_client,
    4. reject_rbl_client,
    5. reject_rbl_client,
    6. reject_rbl_client,

    This helped me a lot.

    Yes i know i can use a listener, but i think this is a nice feature for the panel.



    Ja 2FA ist eine gute Sache, aber man kann es mit der Sicherheit auch übertreiben.

    Man sollte immer abschätzen was für Kunden auf dem System betrieben wedren. Davon macht man es abhängig ob so etwas überhaupt benötigt wird.

    Wenn Du auf Deinem System nur simple Webkunden hast ist 2FA mit Kanonen auf Spatzen geschossen.

    Ändere das SSH Port, Richte Fail2Ban ordentlich ein und schon ist Dein Server auch sicher.

    Just my 2 Cent

    Hi Laurent,

    here is the content of the script

    THe version ist 3.5.0