i-MSCP next release 2022

  • So far, I didn't get time to look for another solution, and as far as I'm concerned, we can run it with Debian 10 (with a few easy tweaks), so right now, I set the deadline to June 2024 ^^

    For now, I didn't see a big "security concern", I still keep a close eye to my server, but it's running smoothly (and I've multiple backups anyways, as anyone should have), I'll continue to support you and the project.

    Glad you found some people willing to invest time on it (and that you can trust their work too ! ). :thumbsup:

  • I understand that this situation may have frustrated some users, for which I apologize.

    You're so kind! No apologies needed. Take your time and focus on your priorities. Glad you found skilled people willing to invest time in the project. I'm sure it will be ready when it will be ready.

    And thank you for your update.

  • There hasn't been a new version released since many years now, primarily due to my extensive professional commitments and the personal joy of raising my two young children. I understand that this situation may have frustrated some users, for which I apologize.

    Everybody has private life. I wish you all the best.

    However I think that that voices might not happen if people would has at least opportunity to install/upgrade this software to supported OSes. You probably have to know that not that long before, it is not possible to install i-MSCP on Ubuntu, because Sury has dropped his support for PHP repository for Ubuntu 18.x. So if something will happen to your Ubuntu i-MSCP instance, you won't be even able to reinstall i-MSCP from scratch, because required packages has disappeared.

    So, it will be strongly appreciated if you will find a bit of time only to make it work on Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04. No other major changes is needed at this point. People would be able to upgrade their instances to something supported, and would easily wait for next releases.