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    As this is "impacting" the entire community, I take the "responsibility" to allow english answers in this topic.

    I don't see the point to open multiple threads in multiple languages for this particular subject, else... I move this in the General Discussion area...

    If the server is still running Debian 7.0, not really great (in term of security and other stuff).

    Last release of i-MSCP doesn't handle officialy this version of Debian (Debian Jessie 8.x and Stretch 9.x)

    From my point of view, seeing this is either :

    - An orphan entry in the DB which may "stop" some process going further untill fixed

    - One or more services stopped.

    Could you first clarify your setup (as the Reporting rules - Reminder state) ?

    Else, check Nuxwin profile, you'll see his support plans prices.

    Personnaly, I'm not confident at all on looking your broken system even if I'm "pretty good" at it.

    If the log is empty, you probably looked the wrong one.

    You maybe did look the error.log of the panel, and not the customer site.

    We don't know anything about your server nor what you are trying to do, so answer will be short : Go check your server's logs.

    Hey there,

    Prior opening an issue in the bug tracker, would like to see if other peoples get this problem first.

    To test this, your system must be up-to-date, running PHP Fcgi, having both LetsEncrypt and PHPSwitcher setup and running.

    Issue : When going to https://PanelURL/admin/phpswitcher

    If you want to look at a Static PHP Info file, you will get "An unexpected error occurred".

    You'll also receive this email:

    Somehow, it try to pass this to the LetsEncrypt plugin...

    If I disable LetsEncrypt, the Static PHP Info file is working again.

    Versions :

    Debian 9.12 up-to-date

    I–MSCP 1.5.3-2018120800

    LetsEncrypt : 3.5.0

    PHPSwitcher : 5.0.5

    PHP Fcgi

    If anyone can confirm (or not) this, I'll open a ticket in the bug tracker

    Humm, I just checked on my setup and :

    - I can read the mails without issue. I would guess this is due to some kind of permissions issues, check them

    - I did not have the calendar, might be a plugin you installed ? in this case, maybe an update is required (and maybe some permissions to check just in case)

    This is not the best place to troubleshoot those issues, we might continue in another thread or in private (and here is what I got when going to "About" section)

    For when you go in the "SPAM" section, this is probably due to having "sauserprefs" plugin with an outdated version.


    Edit: I'm going to guess that you use this : RoundcubePlugins 2.0.2 :)

    It add some plugins to roundcube which are probably not compatible anymore (I guess, I don't use it), so get a list of the plugin you have, and you'll have to setup them manually, untill there is a "real big update" on all those tools and addons :)

    Remember, any i-MSCP update/upgrade/reinstall will remove those manual changes.