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    Only the results matters.

    Anyways, that's always the sames who "cry" here, almost wanted to "mute" them, but that would only get other more angry about the situation, so I did nothing :'D

    Thanks joximu you understand my point at least (and by judging the "like" on my post, not the only one).

    hempelr if I was such a "dictator" here, a lot of topic would have disappeared since a lot of time :)

    Useless people posting useless things are not needed here.

    Like joximy said, 7 posts, 5 the same day to tell his shit, all of this in 8 min between the first and last post... get the point or not ?

    Hum.... will try to do a "Nuxwin" like answer... (well, will not be at all)

    So you ask for help but doesn't care of the answer ?

    Worst, you prefer to run a version which is behind 21 releases prior the latest one (where in those, there are 11 marked as "security" updates).

    7.4.7 was released on 11th of June... 2020.

    Well, you still seems to use pretty old released like the 5.3/5.6, so maybe you like the risk of it after all.

    Latest release in the 7.4.x branch is the build 28, out on 17th February of this year.

    Latest security update for this specific branch will get over at the end of November 2022 (more or less, 8 months).

    On my own experience, keeping really old site is never a good idea, but at the end, everyone choose what they want, and accept the risk of it, I guess...