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    Hum.... will try to do a "Nuxwin" like answer... (well, will not be at all)

    So you ask for help but doesn't care of the answer ?

    Worst, you prefer to run a version which is behind 21 releases prior the latest one (where in those, there are 11 marked as "security" updates).

    7.4.7 was released on 11th of June... 2020.

    Well, you still seems to use pretty old released like the 5.3/5.6, so maybe you like the risk of it after all.

    Latest release in the 7.4.x branch is the build 28, out on 17th February of this year.

    Latest security update for this specific branch will get over at the end of November 2022 (more or less, 8 months).

    On my own experience, keeping really old site is never a good idea, but at the end, everyone choose what they want, and accept the risk of it, I guess...

    I think it's pretty clear : The donation was there to help him in the development of the new version.

    The goal was just there because there was a need to have one.

    You know, even if that goal was reached, it wouldn't have help to get this new version quicker (he still has his work and life at the end) and a donation isn't a constant revenue so he can't work on it as a full time job.

    This was a DONATION, not a "pledge of donation", so I don't see a clue to get a "refund" on that one.

    If only you were able to read clearly, Paypal never state it was meant to be refunded at any time !


    From 30 September 2021, users will no longer be able to create new Money Pools and we will apply a 30-day maximum expiry date on all existing money pools. From early November, we will remove the Money Pools experience from the PayPal app and online, transferring outstanding balances to the Money Pool creator’s primary account balance.

    So, all donation went to the "pool creator", not refunded.

    The fact that the goal placed on it wasn't achieve didn't mean that a refund will or should occur !

    The rules are meant to be followed, you agreed with those when you registered here.

    Now, they are not "outdated", the "bug tracker" is down, because the project is under rewriting (or not, don't care), but this latest release will not support any new update for a long time.

    There might be not a lot of people talking there, but if this minority start to make their own rules, that will just be A MESS, so just respect it, to keep this space clear enought.

    Make a double post for the same issue, what is the point ? you'll not got more help...

    Edit your first post, is it that hard to do ? no...

    Two simple rules, just respect that...