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    I don't speak a word of German, so I'll stay in English :D

    If you did the changes for the "customer" sites, you have to do it for the panel itself.

    I didn't use Let'sEncrypt for the panel and its services, but you have to regenerate the certificate there too.

    Once logged as the admin, go to the System infos (or System tools), then you'll have the Let's Encrypt manager for the panel AND the services.


    Was valid until 6th of October.

    1 year old thread, you should have created your own.

    And use the packaged version rather than the compiled one.

    I don't use Ubuntu, but this version is from 2016 and from what the error say, some dependencies requires some newer package it can't install.

    You can try an "apt-get -f install", if it can't find a solution, well... upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 is probably the only solution I see right now (without any guarantees).

    You other option is to find an older version of the package you want to install and which required a lower version of the dependency, but for that, as the official Ubuntu Package list got Xenial removed, I can't help you, nor have the time on that.