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    @andy-lu Je ne parle pas un mot d'allemand perso, donc je ne comprend rien, heureusement, Google Translator est là pour m'aider...

    The same, in a language that we can mostly understand:
    I didn't speak a word of German personnally, so I didn't understand anything, fortunately, Google Translator is here to help me...

    EDIT: It's my last post there, now it's in the German area, you can continue in German, just be carefull next time.

    Wow wow wow, stop there.

    Please, you are not in an international area, when outside of a specific area, only English must be used, this will keep this forum clear and understandable for most people.

    Thanks in advance.

    @Ninos I take a look to the plugin, and I don't think I've the competences for it unfortunately.
    It will take me more time to understand all those lines of code than you to do the needed modifications I think^^

    I'm not an expert, but I'll have a look into it, maybe I'll be able to do the needed changes (or not :D )

    @BaRt ==> You aren't in an "International Area".
    Please, only use English when not in the German Corner to keep the forum as clear as possible (I suppose this is German).


    What did you not understand ?

    - Delete all plugins installed ? (because all plugins will possibly broke your upgrade to 1.2.9)
    - Stop all i-MSCP services related ?

    After you did the update, you'll be able to re-apply your modifications (or do a "Listener file", recommended way, look on the forum) and reinstall the plugins (if compatible).
    Note that some plugin aren't free of use anymore (like PHPSwitcher).

    If you didn't understand something specific on the upgrade process, please, give us a little more details on what you didn't ;)

    EDIT: Moved to the correct SubForum. Not an how-to.


    I hope you are kidding "us", you ask support for a 2 years old version ?

    The only advice you'll get, "unfortunately" here, is to update your i-MSCP panel to the latest release (which is the 1.2.9 at that moment).

    We do not provide support for older version, even for the 1.2.8, so, for the 1.1.0-rc4.6, I'll let you guess :)

    So, first of all, you must update your panel if you want any support ;)

    Not the good way to handle it.

    The way to manage such issue is to connect to the database (cmd line in your case if PhpMyAdmin was unreachable at that time) and then, manually set the line of each plugins to disabled/to remove (don't know the exact command, @Nuxwin will know better than I).

    By updating just the files, I'm afraid that this can broke the SQL entries, but I'm not an expert in the update process of plugins.