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    There is no tools provided from what I know, anyways, you can do this manually and that has been talked a LOT of time, use the search function of the forum, thanks.

    This post should be removed, but, well, I'm kind today and let you a little chance to edit your first post regarding our rules you can find there

    If no updates, we will just close this post, thanks for your understanding.

    @Bulli => I can share the compiled lib with you with no guarantee.

    As Ninos say, best way would be to compile ProFTPd by yourself, but this can be a little "tricky".

    As the related change, for this particular issue, was only change on a particular module of ProFTPd, I keep using the actual release (provided by Debian) of ProFTPd with the latest version of the module (the .SO file), it's working for me.

    The main advantage there is that I'll be able to update ProFTPd using apt, and keep using those sources (and didn't break anything with i-MSCP setup).

    Also, as this is a VPS, maybe there is some packages that are in conflict with those needed for i-MSCP and installed by default.

    I know that this was a source of problems in the past.

    Hi everyone,

    A little "issue" has been found and is going into further investigation.

    If you have SSL enabled for services with Courier (Dovecot isn't impacted) and are running the newly Windows 10, at least on 3 tests PC (2 updated (Win7=>Win10 ; Win8.1=>Win10) and a fresh Win10 install), all are unable to connect to POP3/IMAP.

    From Windows events manager, we get an error with SChannel, which suggest an Handshake failure.

    One posibility could be the Cipher list ( @Nuxwin )

    YouTrac ticket created, Ref :

    More information to come as we get them.


    Just a short message about a bug I discovered after a user experienced it ; I didn't think it has been reported yet, at least, didn't find it.

    If we create a subdomain with a mount point to the main domain and then, we delete this subdomain, all data will be wiped for the whole domain (except /logs which are locked (in use)).

    For exemple:
    - Customer domain is "test.test"
    - I create a subdomain "sub.test.test" with a mount point "test.test"
    - Now I delete the subdomain "sub.test.test" => All data are wiped in /var/www/virtual/test.test

    YouTrac already done, for Ref :

    @Nuxwin ==> I can give you the entire access to my test server if needed. No production data, only for testing.

    One easy test, clear any iptables rules, and did a transfert test.

    If it succeed, something is wrong with some of your rules, if not, there is something else.

    If this is working when IPtables is cleared, if you want our help, we will need your set of rules (and this thread will be moved as not related to i-MSCP, but I prefer to be sure that this isn't related to it our software).