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    You seems really mad... if you are not happy reitbrud , just leave with your rage.

    I've all the plugins you cited here, all still work flawlessly on my setup... (including latest versions of PHP).

    You switch over to another system ? nice for you, so why you keep posting there ?

    Well, I guess a "simple way" (it's never simple) would be to remove all the base PHP versions installed (which you overwrite by updating the 7.1 needed by the panel), and then rerun the imscp setup.

    This way, the panel will reconfigure itself with the correct version.

    Maybe even with some parameters, this setup can be launched just to reconfigure the PHP part (but I'm too tired, might be noted somewhere in the wiki :D ).

    And yeah, PhpSwitcher make some stuff way easier, I'm using it with all the latest version of Php (8.2.8 right now) :


    So far, I didn't get time to look for another solution, and as far as I'm concerned, we can run it with Debian 10 (with a few easy tweaks), so right now, I set the deadline to June 2024 ^^

    For now, I didn't see a big "security concern", I still keep a close eye to my server, but it's running smoothly (and I've multiple backups anyways, as anyone should have), I'll continue to support you and the project.

    Glad you found some people willing to invest time on it (and that you can trust their work too ! ). :thumbsup:

    In case someone else got the same behavior :

    Pre-requisite wasn't met : Missing dependencies for packaged setup (as not met, it revert to compile mode).

    In this case, for PHP7.2, this was needed :

    1. apt-get install php7.2-cli php7.2-cgi php7.2-fpm php-pear

    After that, rerun of PhpSwitcher command to register PHP7.2 worked.

    This is specified in the Wiki : Wiki page

    Should only be located in sources.list file (for PHP, using Sury repos).

    Could be some plugin cache issue.

    Maybe try to remove the plugin and reinstall it.

    Check also that you have the latest version of the plugin too (which is 5.0.5).

    I'm on Buster, no issue on my side.

    Seeing this :


    Removing imscp-psw-php7.2-build-deps:amd64 because I can't find libpcre2-dev:amd64

    I would guess, try to install it first (even if this shouldn't be necessary)

    Also, I see that :


    Ign:X stretch/main all Packages

    Still refering to stretch release (9), so look into your apt directory for the php repository, you might have miss that one there.

    So for me, the second one will be my first fix to try, then redo the same deploy command as earlier.