Current status

  • Hey! :)

    So... What's the current status of I-MSCP? Is a new version still upcoming, is the project still under developpment and/or maintenance, or what...?

    Nuxwin ?

  • On my side, I'm gonna wait until end of march, if nothing pop here (a statement at least), I think that will be a necessity by then.

    Debian 10 LTS support ending on June 2024, that'll let me 3 months to get on something else (not Keyshit, don't like the way it's managed).

    One of it's last statement (from Nuxwin) was that he found a few people to work on this project, but as we didn't hear back anything about this, I'm pretty unsure where we are on this ATM :(

  • I decided for me to not invest any more energy into this, the last time was just not worth it and unnecessarily extended the unavoidable death of the software. I will migrate to something other like mail-in-a-box , mailcow or so and some and hand crafted container for bit of webstuff I run.