Reinstalling i-MSCP, from official release (1.5.3-2018120800) or Github?

  • 1 : I don't know where you found that link

    2 : The "recent" updates as you said is the unstable release, not meant for production (as there might be unknown bugs in it).

    3 : The download link are displayed there, top right corner... No new stable releases since 2018 (but an updated version should be out "soon" to support newer OS version and PHP)

  • Thanks, Athar.

    I found that link via Google, my bad, didn't notice the release link on the Github page.

    A new release would be great, hope the SSL issue with Let's Encrypt plugin will also be fixed.

  • Glad you opened this thread with that question - i also was wondering which to use - the "latest" stable release or the imscp-maintenance branch from github.

    I tried an upgrade from 1.5.3 to maintenance branch on a test system which failed greatly.. only way to get back to a working system was apply the latest database backup and run the 1.5.3 autoinstaller. (btw props fpr the autoinstaller - it self healed everything after this f*up)

    I ended up with backporting some of the stuff from the maintenance branch to 1.5.3 for my environment as i needed some newer php and some of the TLS fixes.

    And good news that Nuxwin wrote few weeks ago that a new release is in the pipeline! If you are looking for a tester, i'm willed to be one as my imscp "production" instance is just for me, friends and family :)

  • Hi DeltaLima,

    Glad to know that my question is useful to you.

    So the current workaround is to replace part of the current release with the maintenance branch? Can you let me know which parts/files? I'm currently having a problem with one of my i-MSCP servers that the browser said its website's certificate expires while in the CP it's not. So I have to revoke & create to make it work, then the problem arises again after 8-10 hours. I'll have to find a way to fix this quick or I'll hit the LE's limit soon. Hope the new release will be out soon.