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    Many thanks fulltilt,

    I've already done the Snap Certbot earlier so I've just applied the latest LE plugin. Earlier I had to revoke and create to make the certificate works again but this time after rebooting the server, it just works, the browser doesn't give a warning anymore.

    Now I can only wait and see if it'll still be good tomorrow morning. (I'm in Thailand and it's 22:22pm right now).

    Edit: 14-Feb-2022 09:53am Still working well.

    Thanks again.



    Hi DeltaLima,

    Glad to know that my question is useful to you.

    So the current workaround is to replace part of the current release with the maintenance branch? Can you let me know which parts/files? I'm currently having a problem with one of my i-MSCP servers that the browser said its website's certificate expires while in the CP it's not. So I have to revoke & create to make it work, then the problem arises again after 8-10 hours. I'll have to find a way to fix this quick or I'll hit the LE's limit soon. Hope the new release will be out soon.

    Hi Kess, Hi Fulltilt,

    I've been dealing with this issue for a while taking info from this forum, thanks to everybody for the advice.

    I've been using i-MSCP for a while but know almost nothing about its coding, let alone modifying it. So I'd like to clarify a bit.

    My setup: Debian 9 + i-MSCP 1.5.3 2018120800

    1/ Do I still need the snapd solution from Kess before applying this latest fix?
    Edit: I've re-read and think I still need to do the snaps solution first.

    2/ I found that the line number in the latest code match /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ from the maintenance branch not the stable release.

    Does this mean I should replace just the file with the maintenance brand (plus the code) or do I need other files (which ones) too?

    3/ There're some extra lines above and below the #BEBIN and #END: tag. Do I need to keep them?

    Sorry if my questions sound a bit stupid, I just want to be sure. This issue has given me a lot of headaches recently.

    Thank you,

    Thanks suhype,
    I think I've seen this code somewhere too, that's how I get inspired. Seems like it'll automatically download Wordpress then unzip and setup configuration. It'll for sure save time and a good start for me as a newbie.
    What I'm thinking is to further integrated with i-MSCP. Perhaps I can make it as a plugin to automatically create a database (with user, password & etc) then pass the necessary info to this Wordpress installation script and Bam! you have Wordpress installation in just a few clicks. I've seen some automatic WP installation script for i-MSCP before but all of them are very old and doesn't work anymore.

    Hi Friends,
    I'm thinking about creating an auto installer for WP on my host running i-MSCP. Could anybody give me some ideas how to start? I don't know much about Perl Script but quite ok on PHP & JavaScript, also a beginner on Python but I'd like to try. I'm sure with good manuals and enough examples, I can learn it quickly. If I fail, I'd still gain some knowledge but if I success then everyone will benefit.