How to automatically delete all mails marked as spam by SpamAssassin

  • Hi all,

    I had to move my VPS and did a clean install of I-MSCP two months ago. I installed all the plugins I had on my old server. No modifications have been done to the config files outsite I-MSCP I am aware of. Everything works like it should :-). However, spam mails are not automatically deleted. Instead, SpamAssassin just flags it as spam like the example at the end of the post. I did not get any mails on my old setup.

    Could you help me how to configure I-MSCP to automatically delete/reject those messages? I know the risks :-). Believe me, every spam message is indeed spam.



  • Normally spamassassin does only mark the mails (in different kind of details).

    Afterwards you can use sieve scripts to move theese mails directly to the Trash, Junk or into nirvana....



  • Is there any script suggestion for this problem?

    i-MSCP 1.5.3
    Plugins (latest version): ClamAV, CronJobs, DomainAutoApproval, LetsEncrypt, OpenDKIM, PanelRedirect, PhpSwitcher, PolicydSPF, Postgrey, RecaptchaPMA, RoundcubePlugins, SpamAssasin, WHMCS

  • Is there any script suggestion for this problem?

    For the rest, google is your best friend ;)