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    Before giving you any answer, I would want known why you need set the SNI vhost check off exactly.

    I have a custom billing system, and my online payment partner communicate with an old client with us...

    That client not support SNI, and apache get back 403 error message:

    [Tue Nov 06 08:39:05.759045 2018] [ssl:error] [pid 16618:tid 140185341699840] AH02033: No hostname was provided via SNI for a name based virtual host

    I already talked to them, but they need development in they system... Meantime I need solution for this...


    Have you already tried this Apache2 sni config ?


    Thank you, but no, I haven't try that. Very old topic, I think there are different solution now.

    I tried this, but no any effects.

    /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/sub.domain.tld_ssl.conf file:

    Nuxwin have you any tip?

    Thank you!

    I want to use my smtp server to send emails from it.

    Emails delivered, but the following error message arrived back to sender's mailbox:

    So the PHP code is running on server3.domain.tld, connect to the otherdomain.tld 's smtp server.

    Both server is: i-MSCP 1.5.3

    OS: Debian Jessie 8.11

    Used Plugins: OpenDKIM 2.0.0, PolicydSPF 1.2.0

    So again: mails sent well and delivered into mailboxes, but get back the above error message.

    What can I do?

    DMARC record checked on and it's OK.


    Ok, so here is a new detail, how can you reproduce the problem:

    1. Create a new client with international domain name like: próbálkozá

    2. Swich into client area, and try to modify domain root dir.

    So error showes only when your client's domain is an international domain name. With domain alias no any problem.

    Reproduced on multiple server with i-MSCP 1.5.3


    i-MSCP: 1.5.3

    OS: Debian Jessie 8.11

    I would try to choose a different path for my domain, but when I click on Choose, I have an error message:

    "Could not retrieve directories."

    FTP service working, I can connect to server with FTP.

    I can't found any usefull info under /var/logs/

    I guess some service not work properly, can you help me, what's wrong?

    On my other servers with same config all ok, only one server do this...

    Nuxwin ? :)