Let's encrypt plugin error - wrong cert for domain

  • Hello,
    I have two domains on server. One is http://utrzymanieruchu.pl other one is http://controlengineering.pl.

    Cert for http://controlengineering.pl works just fine. It's correct one.
    But for http://utrzymanieruchu.pl picked cert is from http://controlengineering.pl, which is wrong.
    Additionaly, after reinstalling imscp (server was changed from public to private address with redirect onto that private ip server and with choosen option for listening on all eth during installation), some of domains do redirect to controlengineering.pl - like utrzymanieruchu.pl, even thou no redirects were present in imscp. Plugin in use for SSL is Let's encrpyt SSL plugin from imscp store.

    How to fix issue of redirecting pages to controlengineering.pl? I tried suggestions from this topic: Lets Encrypt - Certificate revoked, with no effect.

    Imscp in use: 15.3
    Plugins in use Let's encrypt 2.0.1

    Output of perl /var/www/imscp/engine/imscp-rqst-mngr -v

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  • Hi,

    First : Your post isn't at the correct place. There is a section for all plugins support request. Thread moved.

    Secondly : You did not comply with the rules, no systems info, etc... we will not provide any help without further information (just because we can't, and you may use an older version of the plugin, or anything else, we just DON'T know that.)

    So, edit your first post with to be compliant with our forum rules and we might be able to help afterward. Without those "base details", we can't.

    I'm nice enough to give you the direct link of the rules' post : Reporting rules - Reminder


  • I've checked both sites through my browser:

    • https://www.controlengineering.pl/ is from LE and look correct.
    • https://www.utrzymanieruchu.pl/ SSL certificate is from LE and looks correct.

    So, if the problem persist for you, it could come from your browser.

    Thread closed.


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