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    I've got quick question: is it possible to provide configuration file for installation script with prechoosen config options? For example which php version we would like to install? Which ftp server to use? Database version, FQDN and so on? Is it even possible? I'd love to use iMSCP install script with such option available with conjuction with Ansible - auto deploy whole server using that tech.


    I'm running mutliple domains using i-mscp. What I did observe is a fact, that if subdomain for example: doesn't have ssl generated/assigned then default cert of a: is used. How can I force apache2/imscp stack not to use default ssl cert of a domain Self signed cert is not the solution because chrome/ff/etc blocks loading of a page and thus I can't use redirect to redirect page from https to http (yes, that's the demanded sollution). Using .htaccess for redirect does not work because site doesn't even load.

    1. how can I force site not to use default cert?

    2. do I need ssl cert for that subdomain to make redirect from https to http?

    I have two domains on server. One is other one is

    Cert for works just fine. It's correct one.
    But for picked cert is from, which is wrong.
    Additionaly, after reinstalling imscp (server was changed from public to private address with redirect onto that private ip server and with choosen option for listening on all eth during installation), some of domains do redirect to - like, even thou no redirects were present in imscp. Plugin in use for SSL is Let's encrpyt SSL plugin from imscp store.

    How to fix issue of redirecting pages to I tried suggestions from this topic: Lets Encrypt - Certificate revoked, with no effect.

    Imscp in use: 15.3
    Plugins in use Let's encrypt 2.0.1

    Output of perl /var/www/imscp/engine/imscp-rqst-mngr -v

    we recently installed imscp on our server (brand new).
    How can I check current dovecot/postfix settings? (ports in use, encryption f. ex: ssl, starttls), etc).
    What might be the reason behind outlook not able to send/recive emails?
    Domain configured for emails ( look ok. So my guess was that to connect/send emails I need such configuration:

    port: 143
    encryption: starttls

    port: 587
    encryption: none

    Could you help me fix that issue?

    Ps. emails work from roundcube, we are able send/recive emails using it.

    Searching thru logs I stumbled upon this:

    E: Failed to fetch…ch/main/source/Sources.gz Hash Sum mismatch

    Hashes of expected file:

    - Filesize:26370 [weak]

    - SHA256:3a5a3941791968951d989323c880160d4d2d341504f09467a7a9d3c160e3587a

    - SHA1:b5fbe5612ede82e386b8519b8d3875c4592b8003 [weak]

    - MD5Sum:251086bfdc89fff53008407115c37527 [weak]

    Hashes of received file:

    - SHA256:372ece46bc4545beb297ab7c4eb0c29e94ed435b3b599d2fa93412045cdb5d21

    - SHA1:d5b8c5bc8b02dab3f68d4127807e9cab48dc0609 [weak]

    - MD5Sum:18fe2ee5e09ddc72cfc3c0a485acf135 [weak]

    - Filesize:26362 [weak]

    Last modification reported: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 00:10:08 +0000

    Release file created at: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 09:12:38 +0000

    E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

    Anyone might know why hashes are different?

    during autoinstallation I've got such an error:

    [ERROR] │

    │ │

    │ Error while performing step: │

    │ │

    │ Updating packages index │

    │ │

    │ Error was: │

    │ │

    │ autoinstaller::Adapter::DebianAdapter::_updatePackagesIndex: Couldn't update package index from remote repository: Hit:1 │ stretch/updates InRelease │

    │ Ign:2 stretch InRelease │

    │ Hit:3 stretch/updates InRelease │

    │ Hit:4 stretch Release │

    │ Ign:5 stretch InRelease │

    │ Ign:6 stable InRelease │

    │ Hit:7 stretch/updates InRelease │

    │ Ign:8 stretch InRelease │

    │ Hit:9 stable Release │

    │ Hit:10 stretch-updates InRelease │

    │ Hit:11 stretch-updates InRelease │

    │ Hit:12 stretch Release │

    │ Hit:15 stretch Release │

    │ Get:13 stretch InRelease [6934 B] │

    │ Ign:16 stable InRelease │

    │ Ign:18 sarge InRelease │

    │ Hit:19 stable Release │

    │ Get:22 stretch/main Sources [26.4 kB] │

    │ Err:22 stretch/main Sources │

    │ Hash Sum mismatch │

    │ Hashes of expected file:

    Server is in (dedicated)

    Linux distro: debian 9 stretch

    What might be the reason behind such an error and how to resolve it?

    I've a problem with let's encrypt plugin. I've enabled ssl for However, webbrowser says it's unecrypted. Site is used as an iframe on another site ( On ssl is working fine, but not on What might be the issue?