How to check dovecot/postfix settings and what might be the reason behind outlook not able to send/recive emails

  • Hi,
    we recently installed imscp on our server (brand new).
    How can I check current dovecot/postfix settings? (ports in use, encryption f. ex: ssl, starttls), etc).
    What might be the reason behind outlook not able to send/recive emails?
    Domain configured for emails ( look ok. So my guess was that to connect/send emails I need such configuration:

    port: 143
    encryption: starttls

    port: 587
    encryption: none

    Could you help me fix that issue?

    Ps. emails work from roundcube, we are able send/recive emails using it.

  • Hi,

    I'll do some kind of "Nuxwin" answer : If you don't know how the server work, we will not teach you that.

    On other hand, I'll just say that SSL/TLS is enabled IF you have add a certificate for services.

    - For IMAP, when SSL/TLS is enabled, you should use port 993

    - For SMTP, you use the "encrypted" port with... no encryption ?

    So, first, check your installation and you should be fine after, find if you enabled SSL or not would be a good place to start.

    i-MSCP is just a piece of software that help managing your server, but it use standard (postfix, courier, dovecot, etc...), so if you don't have the sufficient knowledge for this, I'm sorry to tell you that but, find someone who knows about those things (or pay Nuxwin , see his profile for his prices)