Domains without cert use default apache ssl configuration

  • Hi,

    I'm running mutliple domains using i-mscp. What I did observe is a fact, that if subdomain for example: doesn't have ssl generated/assigned then default cert of a: is used. How can I force apache2/imscp stack not to use default ssl cert of a domain Self signed cert is not the solution because chrome/ff/etc blocks loading of a page and thus I can't use redirect to redirect page from https to http (yes, that's the demanded sollution). Using .htaccess for redirect does not work because site doesn't even load.

    1. how can I force site not to use default cert?

    2. do I need ssl cert for that subdomain to make redirect from https to http?

  • That should answer it. :)


    Its the normal apache2 behavior, if you dont want it: install ServerDefaultPage from the store page.

    Have a nice day. :)