Basic LetsEncrypt Questions

  • First of all, please accept my apologies for asking these basic question. But I did not get any clear answer for these questions anywhere in the forum.

    • If I install the plug-in, do I have to generate certificates manually from LetsEncrypt or this Plug-in will do the job automatically?
    • After 90 days, what I have to do to renew certificates?
    • Can I host more than one domain on a single IP and will SSL work for all the domains I own?
    • If I have to generate certificates manually, is there any good guideline for that? Cause last time I visited LetsEncrypt site, but did not get any clear picture.

    Would appreciate more if you point me to LetsEcryp user manual or any existing URL where these questions are answered anywhere before.

  • Hello @Omi Azad !

    Thanks for your questions.

    1. The plugin will generate the certificates automatically. The only thing you have to do, is to click a button. :-)

    2. The plugin should renew the certificates 30 days before the validation ends. At this moment, there is a small issue with renewal process. Have a look at this thread: Let's encrypt autorenew

    3. What do you exactly mean? You set up your customer accounts with more than 1 domain / subdomain? When yes, it´s no problem to handle more than 1 domain-alias / subdomain to generate certificates. (Personally i have set up 5 domains and 10 subdomains, and no problem with certificates for all of them.)

    4. Here you can see the Wiki-Page of the Let´s Encrypt Plugin for I-MSCP: and also in the Description (

    ) of the Plugin you can find: Plugin that implements ACME protocol through the certbot client.
    Administrator can enable/disable SSL for the control panel and services (for free) in one-click.
    Customers can enable/disable SSL for their domains (for free) in one-click.

    Hope that helps.

    Best regards.

    Support Infos: I-MSCP Version: 1.5.x / Distro: Debian Stretch / PHP: 7.1.27 - FPM / I-MSCP Plugins: Let´s Encrypt + PHPSwitcher (latest Versions)

  • Hello Omi Azad,

    3. Yes, no issues. As many domains as you want per IP

    @FloRet88, I guess he is asking this, because if you use IP based vhosts and have multiple domains (servername, serveralias) on it, you can specify only one SSL certificate, which is only for one domain. This is more a historical issue.
    i-MSCP is working with name based vhosts, so it has per domain its own vhost and SSL certificate.

  • to be clear this will work as long as the browser support SNI. That is the case of all recent browsers.

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  • Thanks everyone, I have purchased the plug-in and my only concern is auto renew. Will there be any update in future which will fix the auto renew issue?