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    I have PHPswitcher. How do I switch between versions if I am not able to install other versions?


    i-MSCP 1.5.3 Build: 2018120800 comes with some version of PHP 7.1. WordPress keeps telling me that is not a secure PHP version today. So I was considering to upgrade to PHP 7.4 or later. Can anyone point me to the right guidance?

    Note: I also have purchased PHP Switcher plug-in.

    I did understand you hint and solved the problem myself. First I have to change the parameters for the reseller then as the reseller I have to modify the client/domain. Very simple. Have not tested it yet though.

    <p>Hi,</p><p>I am user of this plug-in but I am not clear how to renew the certificates. Can you please give me a simple guide how I should renew them or what I should do to renew them?<br></p>

    First of all, please accept my apologies for asking these basic question. But I did not get any clear answer for these questions anywhere in the forum.

    • If I install the plug-in, do I have to generate certificates manually from LetsEncrypt or this Plug-in will do the job automatically?
    • After 90 days, what I have to do to renew certificates?
    • Can I host more than one domain on a single IP and will SSL work for all the domains I own?
    • If I have to generate certificates manually, is there any good guideline for that? Cause last time I visited LetsEncrypt site, but did not get any clear picture.

    Would appreciate more if you point me to LetsEcryp user manual or any existing URL where these questions are answered anywhere before.