upload_max_filesize problem

  • I want to change upload_max_filesize in a client of i-mscp 1.5.3. I try to change it in php settings of client but i have a error for range (1-2 MB). What i should do to change this setting?

    Ubuntu 16.04 with php 7.1 (i-mscp 1.5.3)

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    First thing - Please read our Reporting Rules

    After that, give us some more informations, about your PHP include (CGI, FPM...) and so on!

    Please go back to Administrator User and check if there are some limitations for the reseller of your client. If yes, set the correct value there, and afterwards check if you can change the upload_max_filesize value for the customer.

    Best regards.

    Support Infos: I-MSCP Version: 1.5.x / Distro: Debian Stretch / PHP: 7.1.27 - FPM / I-MSCP Plugins: Let´s Encrypt + PHPSwitcher (latest Versions)

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  • I did understand you hint and solved the problem myself. First I have to change the parameters for the reseller then as the reseller I have to modify the client/domain. Very simple. Have not tested it yet though.

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