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    I am wondering - why you would like to call the index.html file from the htdocs folder directly!

    Usually the "Domain" or Subdomain are binded to the htdocs directory in the correct way.

    Do you have I-MSCP installed on a local server - as example If the server is on the world wide web, the question is, why you are not calling the "Umlaut Domain" (example: grö with the link: grö ???

    Please clearify a bit, what exactly you have set up and follow our Reporting rules - Reminder

    EDIT: How do you set-up the redirect from the "Umlaut-Domain" to the other one?

    Best regards.

    Hello eXo  
    Thanks for getting back to us with more informations!

    I have to admit, that i am not 100% familiar with LXC and i hope that Nuxwin can assist you more!
    Also, i never seen this error message before.

    Please excuse - i hope that Nuxwin will get back to you asap.

    Best regards,


    Hello exo!

    First, i would like to welcome you here!

    I have some questions regarding your problem. Which I-MSCP Version you would like to install? Please keep in mind, that the latest version is 1.5.3 (2018120800) (catch the link for further informations)

    Do you have read also this information for LXC -…out:system#lxc_containers ???

    Which error messages you receive exactly? Any crash-logs available?

    Are you trying to switch from one server to another one with backups?

    Best regards,


    Hallo PHP-Friends  

    Einen schönen "Zwickeltag" wünsche ich Dir aus Österreich!

    Bitte aktualisiere deine I-MSCP Installation auf die aktuellst verfügbare Version (1.5.3).

    Leider konnte ich nach Deinen Angaben zur Fehlermeldung, keinerlei Lösungen finden - und ich hoffe Du verstehst, dass wir "alte" Installationen somit nicht mehr vollständig supporten können.

    LG FloRet

    Hello Nuxwin

    Regarding to this topic (Wordpress Multisite richtig konfigurieren?), i would like to ask - if this can implemented into the Panel Configuration Site for Domains / Subdomains.

    As example: I will create an Subdomain like *.domain.tld and this will handle all coming Subdomains in one Directory like /var/www/virtual/user.tld/domain.tld/htdocs

    In fact i mean, this will automate such things, and customers can create there own "Wildcard - Subdomains" without asking the support to put a hand on the .conf files!
    Maybe you can also restrict it, that the reseller / administrator can allow this for special customers with one click.

    I think that this will be a great improvement for all I-MSCP Panel Users!
    Hopefully it´s understable described what i am talking about.

    If you need any other informations - Please let me know, i will try to catch all infos for you.

    Best regards


    That´s the reason why i ask you about all informations!

    PHP-FPM makes you able to set the values per domain!
    Do you also use our PHPSwitcher Plugin?

    If not, you should be able to change the values for each domain here: /etc/apache2/sites-available/domain.tld.conf
    After you change the value, you have to restart the apache2 service with service apache2 restart

    If you use the PHPSwitcher Plugin, the directory and service is different.

    Best regards