New Custom Theme

  • Dont take this the bad way, but that theme looks way smoother than the current default one.

    Good job.

    This doesn't hurt me in any way. First because I'm not the author of the current layout, and secondly, because I admit that I'm not a designer at all ;) There are people that are good for designing new layout, other for code architecture... That why sometime we need more than one people working on a project.


  • Hello,

    I installed it once and looked at it.

    It looks pretty good.

    Some pages still need to be edited.


    Admin Log: Is very good. Below each entry is a line.

    Statistics: Looks terrible because the lines are missing and the sum down is not nice.

    That with many sides still so and that should still be worked on.

    Languages: The lines are missing and you can not see which language is standard.

    Scrolling looks like this "PreviousNext" there should be a space in between.

    The way on the fast but otherwise great.



    - Distribution: Debian | Release: 8.10 | Codename: jessie

    - i-MSCP Version: i-MSCP 1.5.3 | Build: 20180516 | Codename: Ennio Morricone

    - Plugins installed: ClamAV (v. 1.3.0), Mailgraph (v 1.1.1), OpenDKIM (v 2.0.0), PanelRedirect (v 1.2.0) & SpamAssassin (v 2.0.1)

    - LetsEncrypt (v 3.5.0), PhpSwitcher (v 4.0.3), RoundcubePlugins (v 2.0.2)