Mail Client und Zertifikate

  • Ich denke die meisten verwenden als Mailserver-Cert keins von Letsencrypt.
    Für meine Mailserver verwende ich Class2 Zertifikate von StartSSL und habe 2 Jahre Ruhe :-)

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  • Ok now - only one simple question - am i the ONLY one with this problem here? i cant believe it sorry.

    No, you're not. It's the same problem if you would use windows live mail or Outlook.

    But please follow one of the suggestions to solve your problem.

    Kess also wrote "..and as I can see you still continue to use as the CN for your certificate", if this is true and in your postfix conf I can see "myhostname =" it can't work with or for example. You can't use subdomains if your cert only knows

    Do the following (for testing):

    change your hostname to, create a cert for and change the hostname in your postfix conf to

    All your customers only need for "Posteingangsserver" and "Postausgangsserver". This is how it works for me.

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  • The problem here is not i-MSCP nor the letsencrypt plugin... all is about configuration and good understanding of ssl... sorry for late answer. I was in Paris for a meet with konzeptplus gmbh and Pydio core team.

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  • Thanks for all that informations.

    Could it bee possible to copy the Letsencrypt to LeteEncrypt_imap and change all www.<something like www_cname> in all files to <imap_cname> and intall it like the original one? And then the same thing with smtp. ??

    The main problem are my customers. After every change the call me couse this not thrusted cert info.

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  • @web4you

    I could check your setup through teamviewer tomorrow if you want. It become difficult to follow you here. Some are talking about Start SSL while you use the Let's Encrypt CA... I don't really get the point...


  • Do you have european Time?

    1. nuxwin@dev:~$ LANG=C date
    2. Tue Dec 6 20:24:35 CET 2016
    3. nuxwin@dev:~$ LANG=C date -u
    4. Tue Dec 6 19:24:37 UTC 2016
    5. nuxwin@dev:~$