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    Contents of /usr/lib/php/php-fpm-socket-helper

    I'm pretty sure that SpamAssassin is not blocked from some blacklists…

    By the way, if your server is blocking someone because It's present in some blacklists, that's not your problem.

    Else, if you're blocked because you're present in some blacklists… well that's your problem.

    You need to see why (could be a lot of reasons)…

    A good starting point could be that one:

    Sorry but I can't help you further… I don't use compiled versions…

    Seems like the compiled version is not going to read Environment Variables when launched from cli.

    One last step could be to create your personal custom php.ini file for your cli cron:

    1. copy your actual php.ini to phpxyz.ini

    2. edit phpxyz.ini and change

    1. ; sys_temp_dir = "/tmp"


    1. sys_temp_dir = "/my/desired/tmp/dir"

    then try to launch your cron with:

    1. */5 * * * * /opt/phpswitcher/20200223/php7.2/bin/php -c /path/to/phpxyz.ini /var/www/virtual/

    And what happens you you run the following in your crontab ?

    1. */5 * * * * export TMPDIR=/var/www/virtual/ && /opt/phpswitcher/your/php7.2/executable /var/www/virtual/

    Or, just for test:

    Create a php file with the following contents:

    1. <?php echo sys_get_temp_dir(); ?>

    and name it test.php

    What's the output of:

    1. /path/to/your/php7.2/executable test.php

    What's the output of:

    1. export TMPDIR=/var/www/virtual/ && /path/to/your/php7.2/executable test.php

    Or you could just set the correct env variable in your cron job.

    Have a look at the first line:

    Output of:

    1. /usr/bin/php7.3 -m


    The attachment shows my actual configuration… Nextcloud running with no problems


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    I gave you the right solution in my first answer to your question.

    As far as I can see, you like having problems or to invent some new ways to find new methods to generate problems.

    The standard SPF record permits e-mail sending through the server itself, if you want to add a relay you have to tell the SPF record that this relay exists. There are some ways in order to achieve that, through IP, through name, through include, etc.

    I don't know what you are doing, I don't know which is the actual situation, I don't know your actual structure. You are the person in charge, you are the person who should know what's happening… At least, you should be the person (as a system administrator) who should know how SMTP (and all dependencies like SPF, DKIM, DNS, etc.) protocol works.