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    Hi Nuxwin ,

    thank you for clarification. If it's tedious I'm sure that who needs that feature will be able to live with the creation of multiple forwards with the "main" mailbox as target.

    I hope that UncleSam understood what you wrote :-)

    Thank you anyway

    I'm sure we don't understand each other, let's try to explain better.

    At present, when you add a "Normal & Forward" you add a single mail address or virtual mailbox that redirects the incoming messages to a single or multiple mailboxes.

    What UncleSam needs is the exact opposite. e-mail incoming on multiple mailboxes or aliases on the server gets redirected to a single mailbox.

    This beahviour is possible at present, but you need to create a Forward mailbox for each single needed alias.

    Example: all e-mails incoming to,,,,, goes in the mailbox

    I hope to have explained in the good way and I hope also to have understood what UncleSam needs...

    I think UncleSam would like to have a form where you can insert a mailbox with its aliases (as other panels do, or as Office 365 does).

    Today it's possible with i-MSCP too, but you have to create a mail forward for each of these aliases that gets redirected to the "principal" mailbox.